Diet and Fitness


It doesn’t quite convert like that in practice but I won’t piss on your chips because it’s a great achievement and you’ve worked consistently hard for a sustained period and have clearly got a lot stronger.

Of course significant credit must go to whoever’s been coaching you… :muscle::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve still got my eye on being able to 1) do 30-40 push ups continuous, and 2) complete that f**king squat push up test (at all initially, then in a decent time)

Also, want to progress with chin ups and be able to do >10 (reasonable goal?)

I think after October I’ll maintain a decent level on the bike and focus on strength for a few months, get back to climbing/bouldering, do the kettlebell stuff eye… .


Ha the squat push up test is simple but a bitch isn’t it!

I’ve managed it once in a shitty time of 3 mins 45. Definitely need to up my press up volume to prepare for a decent time. I think if you can do 40 straight then you should be able to do the test at a decent pace. Think I’ll start building up the daily count again.

10 full range pull ups is a challenging but do-able goal :thumbsup:


A long list of common sense tips for those looking to lose weight sensibly.

My advice (or preaching if you prefer :blush: ) is to focus on a diet and lifestyle that you can live with for the rest of your life - ie no crash dieting. As a result I don’t like the ‘lose weight fast’ tagline as this generally leads to disappointment. If you’ve put on 2,3,4,5… stone over time then it will take time to shift this properly and more importantly, keep it off.


That would be my advice as well, but with some reservations since it’s not really what i did… Lose weight fast works if you are disciplined enough and can suffer, but it will be for nothing if you can’t transition into a sustainable lifestyle change, including exercise- and the transition is challenging to manage.


Ha. Wow. I do a lot of those- prob >80%

Actually, a lot of the eating habit related tips, meal-planning etc…, I’ve always done- i just ate fuckloads of biscuits on top of my planned, healthy meals :wink:


Lidl’s grey crocs…tasteful.


With me style never goes out of fashion


Three days in and at 5pm the body was screaming for sugar and carbs, I would have happily gone to jail for a fucking muffin! Washed out, dizzy and tired. Persevered, walked the hounds and then had a fuck ton of veg with a whole meal pita, body sated somewhat.

I’m guessing that after a week or two the body gets used to the new diet regime, bloody hope so.


This is why I always recommend stepping down or changing nutrients in small increments- the pangs and kick back your CNS throws at you can drive you insane!


To an extent it does, but almost as important is that the mind does too. It’s not supposed to be easy I’m afraid. In the wild a regime of steady weight loss leads inexorably to death. It’s not surprising that both our bodies and our minds have evolved to, um, discourage this pretty strongly.

I guess you’re trying the usual tricks - distraction (getting stuck into some other activity you enjoy), rewards (treats when you pass milestones) and at the low points I used to find a hot drink (coffee in my case) helped.

Hang on in there !



Instant miso soup sachets helped me when cutting drastically


No run today so did about 30 mins of ring exercises and pull ups with some DB pressses and the KB swings as a finisher.

Weigh in this morning was 12 st 1 lb so fat loss has slowed down - likely result of reduced running and other exercise frequency. Calories about right but not enough metabolic exercise.


Yep, that’s pretty much exactly how it goes. It passes.


Coffee, tabs, unfermented grapes and bloody mindedness seem to be working at the moment:) Oh, the thought of 2 succulent rashers of slightly smoked bacon, a poached duck’s egg and some grilled tomatoes for breakfast helps.

Looking forward to the next meal has become very important


That’s me this week. I can’t quite convince myself that giving in isn’t the best idea.


Having just gone through this process it gets easier and eating less/different food does become a habit. For me after two weeks the pangs definitely slowed down and I had minimal wobblies about food.


I’m currently right slap bang in the middle of this too. Part of the purpose (for me at least) of getting the sleeve is that it forces me to get through this period rather than cave in, which is what I’ve always done previously. If I were to try and overeat, or even just eat too quickly or eat the wrong things, it gets pretty painful right now. It’s a pretty brutal approach, but given that I have tried and failed for 12+ years it really was the only option left.

Interestingly, whilst I no longer physically feel hungry (it’s impossible too because my body no longer generates that hormone), psychologically my brain is just screaming “EAT ALL THE THINGS”. Really hope it doesn’t take too long to get past that. At least in about a month I can get back to eating a full spread of things and without them having to be mushed up, that will certainly help on the mental side.


That must be tough given that you’ll currently be laid up, or at least below par, after the op. So the full range of activities which can displace this feeling aren’t yet available to you. Fortunately as time goes on and your wellness improves you will be able to access them. I see Andy Pully has started on a campaign to wear out all his shoes by running up and down the stairs and charging around Blenheim. Bob’s out with the dogs too. This’ll be you in no time



I’m not too laid up really (one of the huge advantages of keyhole surgery), but the heat we’ve had here these last few days has been fucking nuts, especially when wearing compression stockings. I do need to get out and do some more walking, that’s for sure.