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Deal with it.


Lopwell has upended you sensibility




Have you been paddling in the shallow end of the gene pool? I didn’t take you for a Tasmanian.

I wonder if @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi has seen footwear like this regularly since he left Straya.


Where do you put the other toe?


Good on you Wayne.

I love people who run in fancy dress.



serious questions - what is the sizing like? wide or narrow or standard?

I was seriously thinking of getting some of the V Trail ones


Driving gloves for feet? Have you bought a bloody Volvo?


It’s pretty standard. The shape of the sole is deliberately fairly narrow so if you have wide feet I would look for a specialist store to try them on.

Have to say they are incredibly comfortable. Very light and short jog which I found much easier to land on the balls of my feet.


Ha ! Only today we saw an Italian wearing a pair. This was accompanied by gasps of, “WTF!” and “He’s clearly not Tasmanian”.




It looks like I am now well and truly into ketosis; according to the Wench, my breath now stinks, but rather differently to morning breath


Fatigue, insomnia, constipation and banging headaches probably due to dehydratedtoon, no bad breath. Didn’t know about the bad breath, not looking forward to that! Having to drink lots more water, brain cells like a shriveled walnut.

Spend an inordinate amount of time looking at cake, not helped by the cake shop being Twenty yards away :grinning:

Wish you all the best Jon, hope it all pans out for you.


Had mine years, could be tricky in Florida the thin sole didn’t protect much from hot Tarmac.


Got mine from b&q garden department,not convinced by them tbh


Another answer to a question nobody ever asked.


I think the question is if I want to run barefoot but not damage my feet, what do I wear?

The pros and cons of barefoot running are contentious to say the least but personally I wanted to give it a go and see for myself.


I thought they were the most awful thing I’d ever seen, thus needed them.