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I wear them to troll people wearing traditional running shoes.




They don’t need to check my footwear to reach that conclusion


There are quite a few people who do fell running on Dartmoor that wear those. Most of the time its soft ground but you might step on the occasional boulder. Running shoes often seem better suited to the road but these apparently work quite well on softer going.


I might get some just to embarrass the kids.


Love this. Haters gonna hate. Why are they so het up about this shit?


Short run in the afternoon heat. I am now 95% sweat.


First day of anything that isn’t smooth puree today, which was nice. Still requires meat to be the consistency of mince and everything else to be soft, but it’s still very much a welcome change.

By my rough calculations, I’m down about 7Kg since the operation, which was now 10 days ago. Sadly this rate of weight loss won’t keep going, but I’ll enjoy it whilst it lasts.


Yep, it’s right up there with listening to vegans discuss the moral maze that is honey. :slight_smile:


One week in and belt is down a notch, I can fit the next trouser size down and I dream of full body immersion in a bath tub of clotted cream and muffins.


I just don’t know why committed meat eaters would care what veggies or vegans spout on about :roll_eyes:


Good job Bob :thumbsup:


That is going to help me lose weight very quickly…:speak_no_evil:


Today my RHR is 50 - Maybe a sign that I’m getting fitter? - or coz it’s 28 degrees hot in the house.


Fuck me I have a hunger that cannot be sated today.

Does anyone know if the body actually requires as much as it apparently thinks it does when recovering from something particularly demanding?

Regardless, I’m getting takeaway tonight and I’ll probably eat something else on the walk home from work :stuck_out_tongue:

@crimsondonkey I really think that the pushups made a big difference in comfort spending 8.5+ hours in the saddle yesterday


Stronger core and arms dude :muscle:

Try and max out on protein and avoid too much white carbs if you can if you’re in recovery mode.


Ha. Recovery mode yesterday consisted of walking 14 miles and junk food takeaway for tea :stuck_out_tongue:


Feel pretty much back to “normal” today :wink: Legs still sore but not nearly as bad as yesterday- they weren’t seizing up after 5 mins at my desk. Appetite not nearly as bad either, not craved or eaten any rubbish today- a yoghurt and Apple did me fine mid-morning. So, pretty pleased with recovery given the weekend’s exertions :thumbsup:

I might try that walking VO2 max estimation test again on Sat morning


Weighed in this morning, now at 140.9Kg. That’s roughly 10Kg of weight loss in about 13 days since the procedure.


I am still doing a little running but a little at a time for now - Today I ran as far as I could without stopping - Then walked and ran back