Diet and Fitness


That double ender looks interesting, does it come in extra extra large?


Fucking hamstrings, tight as fuck after rediscovering the joy of deadlifts on Saturday :tired_face:


Fuck off please. It’s been maybe 3 months since I’ve touched a weight and this is weighing heavy on my mind. I’ve kept threatening but haven’t got back into it. The pants that were getting tight around the thighs aren’t anymore. Back to square fucking one…again. I am so shit!

That hamstring pain would be very welcome right now.


Exercising is going well. Today I ran four miles. Plus I have walked eighteen miles twice this week . Additionally I have made a mini tabata exercise step (10" high) I have been leaping on and off it as one cycle of a tabata exercise - My poorly arm is a little better again and I can nearly manage a star jump.


Don’t beat yourself up. It’s dead easy to do anything once or twice but it keeping it going is the hardest thing - you’ve done that, and you could do it again.


Thanks :slight_smile: I will!


Long session of yoga and mobility to loosen up those hammies and my back. Leg day tomorrow so hope it’s done the trick.


20 degrees and sunny so couldn’t resist the lure of the bike even though I almost certainly wasn’t recovered enough. So, stuck to 50-70% MHR (avg 61%) and did a flat route along the coast to get ice cream at the beach. 3 scoops, 1 snickers, 1 oreo and 1 ferrero rocher with a flake :+1:


Sleep, never underestimate the benefits of a good nights sleep. Despite my hound rousing me several times last night I did get a decent nights sleep, better than for a long time. Resting heart rate - 42bpm.


@Agrail 'esque language :wink:


Wife is away for the weekend and kids are at grandparents tonight, so I’m considering doing a 60-70 mile ride tonight after work… I won’t be able to get out at the weekend, although a couple of days rest is not a bad thing i think.


Amazed. Weighed myself for the first time in about 2 months and I’ve stuck at 65kg. I thought that given the amount I’ve been eating I would have increased a little bit at least.


It was perhaps a bit of a recovery gamble doing a long ride last night after work, and I may well end up getting horrendously sick :stuck_out_tongue: but no cycling this weekend. No wife or kids last night, but kids and no wife at the weekend :stuck_out_tongue: …and it was a beautiful evening- stunning scenery.

Suffer score (based on heart rate) of 181 for 17.4mph average over 65 miles with 3707 feet climbing last night, compared with 230 for 16.7 mph average over 69 miles with 2993 feet climbing in mid-March is quite a nice illustration of how my fitness has come on this year :smiley: It was pretty windy going up the big hills last night too

Probably the thing I’m most pleased about though is that I’ve managed this without feeling significantly fatigued. The last block of training before the club weekend was the only time that I felt significantly tired really.


That said, I do feel pretty tired today :stuck_out_tongue: …and very very hungry


25 in 6, I merely look at bicycles.


A big day today…early doors this morning I walked into a gym for the first time in perhaps 8-10 years.

Turns out there’s an incredibly well equipped facility, heavily focused on free weights, only 3 miles up the road on a business park. To give you an idea of the scale, there are 5 full size Squat racks, 10 benches for dumbbell work and 4 bench presses + loads more equipment.

When I was in my mid 20’s I went through a weight lifting phase and became proficient at the big compound lifts. This morning I did some stretching and performed some squats and deadlifts (empty Olympic bar only) while having my form checked by one of the gym instructors / guy that works there. Said my form was spot on :smiley: not bad considering the time gap. Walked out with my legs slightly more wobbly than when I walk in.
Unsure at the moment if I’ll commit to a monthly direct debit, they have a pay (over the odds) as you go deal which I’ll use for a few more sessions to see if I’m actually going to stick at it. Will be interesting to see how busy it is during week day evenings and how long I have to wait to use the things I’d like to.

No doubt I will ache from this evening until about Thursday.


Nice one.

So the full extent to which your body has changed and copes with exercise and recovery is going to be revealed starting today :slightly_smiling_face:

At least you did load the bar up with what you used to squat 20 years ago! I’ve seen that a few times in the gym.


Im going to take it very slowly, can’t be doing with injuries. Climbing the stairs already feels “interesting” after doing nothing more than a warm up routine.


Stronglifts have one of the best approaches to this- basically it’s the fundamental compound lifts, starting with the bar and then strict small weight increments until you hit your true 5x5 working weight. Gives the body plenty of time to adapt.


I am in pain, it hurts to move my legs. Getting in and out of the car and my office chair is distressing, using stairs is causing me to grimace. My legs are sore to the touch, especially my Vastus medialis (had to look that up). The newbie gains had better be worth it.