Diet and Fitness


Ah, the pain train has arrived. That’s just weakness leaving the body :+1:


Always fun lowing into my seat at work after getting back into it :slight_smile:
Definitely worth it though.


First lunchtime walk and push ups in what feels like ages. At least I can still do 3x 10 relatively easy. Need to get back into habit. Will start working up again. Want to work on chin ups too.


Physio seems bemused what to do with my heel problem - it hasn’t gone away despite no running for a month, and yet it’s completely functional in terms of strength and range of movement. So the plan now is to gently run on it and it’ll either go away or flare up if it’s something to do with the bone being damaged.

Anyway got up feeling unusually energetic this morning and after a good warm up did 3 sets of squats and a single set of deadlifts. Might try a very gentle jog - walk.


29 in 7, now my weight starts with 20, 5 weeks and it will start with a 1, been a long time since that happened.


There’s something very pleasing about finding a regime which is predictable. For me 1750 calories a day loses me 1.5kg in each of the first two weeks then 1kg per week thereafter (at least it did when I was a tad more active than recently). I don’t know how long it would persist for if I kept it up but I once lost 11kg in 10 weeks (96kg down to 85kg) that way.



Back to the gym for the 3rd time this morning having been on Thursday (needed 4+ days to recover from the first session).
Discovered I can just about can just about pick up 28kg dumbells before my grip fails, never mind press then 6 times, how i used to do that is beyond me.
More deadlifts today, 40kgs this time, felt good. I hope my left had grip improves sooner rather than later as that will soon become the limiting factor.
Also did some heavily assisted pullups and dips, a long way off 3 x 10 unassisted.
Very much a marathon not a sprint.


First thing to do is leave your ego at the door and start with weights that get you back in the groove of the movements and give your smaller muscles chance to adapt so you’re spot on about it being a marathon.

When you say assisted dips and chins (great choice of compounds), is that via spotter, machine or bands?


Yep, I’m in no rush.

Machine assisted (stand on a counter weight, effectively reducing body weight) not ideal as form isnt natural but without it id be stuck.


If you can do one good rep on dips and pull ups then I’d always encourage you to go unassisted and use various techniques to build your volume. Machines I’m afraid don’t give you the proper support/ resistance at all and therefore you get a shock when your assisted reps don’t convert once you go back unassisted.

I’d use slow negatives and singles ‘on the minute’ and then reduce your rest time. It’s harder but you get far more benefit.


Yes i realise machines are shitty but I cant do one yet. As i said, stuck without it. Ill get there.


Right, all this talk of real exercises has made me decide I’m starting again today.

Woke up this morning with sore throat, aching limbs and banging head so completely the wrong time to start but I always seem to choose the wrong time so fuck it. I’ll get something done to make a start at least.

I think we need more talk of squatting etc on here, fuck this running lark. Are you still DB squatting @crimsondonkey?


Was he one of the big band orchestras/leaders from the 50s?


I believe he opened the batting for Surrey in the 1951/52 season.


As far as I can tell he’s had a lot of ups and downs.


Yep. What do you need to know?


Nothing really, just more squatting talk :slight_smile:


@Penance ?


I’m more into thrusting with the occasional squirm.


Have you got a video out ? They’re all the rage, apparently