Diet and Fitness


To be honest, I’m not adding things up at the moment, just guesstimating based on experience.

Still having soup for lunch because I find it filling and good way to get decent amount of veg. I weigh and calculate for my soup so that it’s ~400 calories, ~15-20g protein and 2-3 portions of veg per serving. With a yoghurt it’s ~25g protein and 500 calories. Breakfast I’ve defaulted to porridge but cut out the syrup. 300ml whole milk and 50g oats works out as <400 calories and ~15g protein. Dinner is 700-900 calories whenever I can be bothered toting it up but no idea really of protein content. The prawns last night were 10g so daily protein could be 50-55g which would be ~0.8g/kg bodyweight.

Basically I’m probably in too much of a deficit while I figure out what protein/veg to add in as snacks to bump it up to ~1900-2000 calories a day.


There’s part of your answer then. You could do with 1g/kg of bodyweight at maintenance and more if you’re doing intense exercise. I think you ought to be looking at 75-80g per day. Easy supplement is a high protein snack like Arla 20g Protein ‘yoghurt’ at about 130 cals, or protein shake measured out at 25g and usually about 100 cals.


I had a look on Tesco site and that’s quark!

Simple minds… :wink:


Yup. Problem is I only have part of the question at the moment :wink:

Basically…as far as cycling I’ve achieved what I set out to this year- exceeded it in fact. I’m happy with where I am at cycling-wise, so i want to focus on general fitness (strength, conditioning, body composition) whilst maintaining or ideally slowly improving cycling fitness. I’ve got a couple of bigger rides coming up at the end of August and end of September but not anything that I’m being competitive about.

I don’t think my top end speed is what it was last year, but I do think that my cycling fitness is better all round, and I’ve built it up slowly without ever feeling particularly fatigued. I’m pretty relaxed about cycling…where I’m at is more than fine for what I enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:



30 mins worth of upper body delayed from Sunday.

10 sets of chin ups (1 minute apart)
3 sets of bench press
3 sets of shoulder press



10 sets of chin ups?? How many per set?


3 per set - struggled to get 2 on final set. Once I can then I’ll start reducing the rest times. 30 straight chins will be mine!


Yes very vague, sets AND reps please!

I was really ill yesterday after work and had to lie down when I got in. I was shivering and sweating but seemed better today so hoping to get more done at the weekend.

Could feel my hamstrings more than my quads after squatting so glad I didn’t do good mornings after. Arms pretty tight after the bro curls I sneaked in at the end :slight_smile: , think I went too far with them.


10 sets x 3 reps of chin ups (1 minute apart)
3 sets x 10 reps of bench press
3 sets x 12 reps of shoulder press (increase weight next session)


Will watch your chins with interest.

I really want to buy a new bench. The one I have wobbles about so I haven’t used it to bench press in years, everything I do is standing.


I suspect I may not be as recovered from my recent big cycling week as I’d thought. Even though I had a weekend off I still racked up 160 and 180 miles in the two weeks after the holiday.

Throat is scratchy…I knew that doing the club ride when i knew that I was fighting off a cold was a dumb idea :stuck_out_tongue: I had to ride a bit longer this morning but no other midweek rides for me this week.

I bought some cottage cheese and some fruit to have as a snack at work.

I’ve got into a bad habit recently of reading crap online at night and going to bed later than i could.


I was going to try and lose weight/fat at a significant rate- 1-2lb per week or so, like earlier in the year.

I’ve decided now that this is probably not the wisest. I might undo some of the cycling progress I’ve made if I misjudge it, and I’m unlikely to have enough energy to focus on the general strength and conditioning that I want to. So… I’m going to be disciplined about cutting out rubbish, and add in protein and veg to take the calories up to the 2000-2200 range and see what happens over the next couple of months.


Come on mate, his advice isn’t that bad.


2nd visit to the gym this week following monday. No leg soreness, thankfully that newbie pain seems to be behind me now.
Almost felt like a workout today.
Did the 5x5 as above as i like the idea of making marginal gains each time.
5X5 40kg deads which was still easy
Managed 3,2,1,1,1 chin ups and 3,2,2,1,1 dips, all unassisted, not as feeble as I thought i was. I want to see 5x5 dips by end of next month latest.


Very noticeable that I wasn’t ravenously hungry and grazing while cooking dinner or desperate for something sweet afterwards.

That was with some fruit and half a tub cottage cheese mid-morning and the other half mid-afternoon. Puttanesca for tea and made a simple avocado tomato and cucumber salad to go with it.

Just made some houmous for the next couple of days. Will have that with some veg and cottage cheese for snacks at work.


Did 10 chin ups with 1 min rest between each one, like I started with push ups.

Where do I go from here? Reduce the rest time? Or add to the sets?


Beast :muscle:


Follow what worked best for you in getting to your press ups. If you want to get to 10 consecutive and you can already do 10x1 reps then I’d start dropping the rest by 5 secs a week.

(Up your protein, up your sleep).


5 secs a week? So do 10 with 1 min rest daily for a week, then 10 with 55 secs daily the next week etc…?