Diet and Fitness


Can feel a 2nd dose of DOMS coming on after yesterday’s heavy squats :frowning:
Hopefully not so debilitating this time.


Actually quite enjoyed the run to work this morning. Felt good so carried on to make it a round 5k. 8:30 min/mile . Legs felt good- no worrying aches or pains. I won’t run again until next week, Tues or Wed.


Great article


Funny I was thinking the opposite. It’s as poorly thought out and full of subjective agenda as the thing it’s criticising.


What agenda do you think?


While on holiday last week we were occasionally catering for a full time vegan (pretty simple) and 3 people who’d chosen to go without grains, pulses, pasta, spuds, rice, dairy & sugar in anything for a month. Made deciding on what meals to cook somewhat tricky if they were to be included.


It’s very tabloid. Using the ‘So called experts…’.line :roll_eyes: Moaning on about vegans again FFS, like they’re to fucking blame that other adults can’t manage their own diet. Not really getting a clear definition of what is said and what is meant by ‘clean eating’, but instead creating a caricature of extremist ideas and nonsense peddled by people seemingly intent on confusing normal folk (thereby justifying what they do now and not changing). Heard it all fucking before - the tabloid paranoia of people trying to tell them what to eat and what not to eat. Totally misses the fucking point. But hey great we’ve found someone else to blame, someone to validate either their own stupid choices, or the reason why they don’t change, or even to even try.

These are fucking adults creating boogie monsters to react against when underneath it all they’re just guilty about what they eat or how much, and want to be able to play the fucking victim. These are fucking adults FFS.

Fucking grow up you insipid witless cowards and try getting over yourselves. Switch off the internet which feeds your infantile reactionary conclusions about which you have no fucking idea, and come back to the real world where evil vegans/ experts/ clean eaters who you think are trying to influence you or tell you what to do just don’t really fucking exist.

Besides which if you had half a fucking brain, or were actually comfortable and not insecure about your choices, you would just ignore them as irrelevant rather than jerking your fat fucking knees skyward at a moments notice.

No-one fucking really cares what you eat, now just fuck off. Cunts.




Had a hard week Wayne? :wink:


Nah, we all need a good rant now and again :grinning:


I disagree


Legs feel good this morning!



Olympic bar and some rubberised tri grip weights arrived yesterday by the time I got home :slightly_smiling_face:


Another 5 off, I have knees apparently :slight_smile: 15 to go to the first milestone of 49 when i will no longer be morbid :slight_smile:

So far it’s 34 in 9 weeks.

I kicked the diet pop habit I had the other week, weight went up following that, but came down again toward the end of this week I read that the artificial sweeteners used effectively force your body to process them as sugars, about 125 cals per tin equivalent. Don’t know how true that is, but junked them anyway.


Congrats Bob, that is serious progress.


Good session this morning, loads of energy, could have done much more but resisted - sticking to the 5x5 plan.

Drove past @Adpully on my home in the middle of a marathon walk, pulled over for a quick chat, which was nice. Proof at least neither of us are making this up.


Cheers, i think in the next few weeks once the remaining 15 comes off I am going to have to get back on the bike and also do some exercise around the midriff :slight_smile:


Sounds good. Don’t let your enthusiasm get the better of you on the bike - 3 light/ moderate sessions are better than one intense one it takes you 1-2 weeks to recover from. Also the sudden stress will have your body squirting out cortisol into your system which amongst other things triggers the response to hold onto rather than metabolise fat.

Building up your core strength is a good idea, but obvs you can’t spot reduce fat but you can firm up the muscle underneath. If I can’t persuade you to do yoga yet then planks are a good low impact way of building up strength and stamina in your middle.


Lower body.

DB Squats 3 sets of 12 - upweight next workout.
BB deadlift 2 sets of 10 reps

Bit of trigger point massage to the back esp behind shoulders with hockey ball