Diet and Fitness


You must rack up some daily steps in your job Jim, so the little changes to your diet will more easily create a calorie deficit.

Can you touch your toes?


ha ha…porcine aviation is more likely :wink:


It varies a lot, sometimes I’m on my feet with loads walking around, but just at the moment I seem to be in front of a screen or behind the wheel too much…

errr, no I can’t :confused:


Quite a good goal to aim for then?

I reckon with only a little bit of effort you could be touching your toes before Christmas. Given how much time you’re having to spend seated then it wouldn’t be a bad thing to invest 5 minutes a day in.


You can through repetition get better flexibility to reach your toes but there are other supporting stretches you can do which will help - especially if we can identify remotely where the biggest constraint is - eg hamstrings, hips, lower back.

In the first instance this is what I’d recommend daily -

  1. Floor toe touch
  • Sit on floor with legs straight in front of you.
  • Reach up to the ceiling and hold for 5-10 seconds, feeling the stretch in shoulders and lower back
  • Breath out and lean forward slowly and gently push your fingertips towards toes, think head towards knees as you advance
  • Hold the stretch position for 20-30 seconds (build up to this)
  • Relax! Shallow slow breathing and relax into it
  • Slowly return to the upright position
  • Repeat 1-2 times
    ** Discomfort is okay, pain is not!**
  1. Third world squat
  • Great for stretching out your hip flexors, lower back and glutes, which all support mobility to enable toe/ floor touch
  • See links in thread above. Basically build up time in position until you find it more comfortable as standing.
  • If you can’t squat that far (please go slowly first time you try!) then come back and there are a number of techniques to help loosen you up and improve your squat depth

WARNING! Both these movements are great for manipulating your core and activating your digestive system - this may lead to gaseous discharge!



Cheers Wayne, I’ll give them a whirl and let you know how I get on.


Jaysus !!! Like he needs any help :flushed:


Just repeating the link which is somewhere above on the benefits and process for TWS -


My news - I have committed myself to a 5K fun run on 29th Oct - Today I gauged it with a practice run that included
mostly rough ground and a wood - There was a gate and I slipped and fell over once but still managed - 29 mins 7 seconds.

I’m planning to run every second or third day and now have a TV set up for Utube Tabata sessions plus 3WS and arm physio is occurring. I may get myself a running machine

~ I’m not quite able to touch my toes yet - It’s getting closer though


Great stuff - go for it. The runs youve done look like you could easily manage a 10k so I’m sure you’ll find the 5k pretty straightforward.

2-3 runs a week, Tabata and consistent calories and you’ll watch the weight fall off.


If I was up to 3x 13 push ups, then did fuck all for a couple of weeks- where should I expect to pick back up?

I thought I was up to 3x 14 (I hadn’t checked this thread- quite handy as an exercise diary!). On monday I managed 14,14 and 10, and today exactly the same so no progress…

Also chin ups- was struggling to do sets of 3 with 2 mins rest…as in, I couldn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure where to pick back up basically


Right…i managed 4 sets of 3 chin ups with 2 mins rest between sets. Where do I go from here?


Press ups first. Back to basics, what was your original goal - 30 straight press ups?

You’re currently doing a lot more volume than when you started so this is a great platform to start from. I have one idea that will produce results, but it will be difficult. Lets do 1 set of AMRAP (as many reps as possible), and let’s do that once everyday, 5 days a week for two weeks.

I’m suggesting this precisely because you have a good base of volume and your sets are above 10 reps.

You will be increasingly sore and need 2 days rest after each 5. You can eat a bit more, so long as it’s high protein. In fact you need to increase your daily protein intake % and try to keep your total cals at or up to 150 cals more per day (over base maintenance at current weight).

What’s going to happen? You’re going to nail the motor technique through increased frequency and send a message to your CNS to adapt quickly. It won’t do this straight away and that’s why you’ll initially see some inconsistencies in rep numbers.

Don’t worry just keep focusing on your form and now push really hard for those last reps, fight for every one and don’t give up easily. Same for tempo 3,1,1 and don’t lock your elbows at the top - squeeze your chest instead.

Chins. We’re not going to try to solve this whilst you’re pushing hard on press ups, but we’re not going to stop practicing either. 3 days per week I want you to do 12 reps - I don’t care how you get them, 3 sets of 4, 6 sets of 2 etc etc. Focus on form, full range of motion, and tempo - it will pay dividends later. Form > reps so don’t punish yourself or end up fighting and cheating on the last rep. This is training a movement not competing.

Log all your numbers here and we’ll assess in two weeks. It should work but progress will not be linear so work hard but don’t stress if your numbers don’t go where you want them.

And sort your fucking diet out :smile:


Alright, thanks- I’ll give that all a shot.

Chins felt better again tonight- Monday might just have been a blip

Diet sorted and protein is high- 100g quark on porridge at breakfast and cottage cheese/ home made houmous with veg mid morning and afternoon snack. Always get decent hit of protein at dinner.

Went for run with building running group at lunchtime- pretty easy pace, 5k. I think while I adapt to the various things I’m working on I’ll do that easy run on Wed, and run into work on Friday morning at the slightly faster pace I was doing.

So the plan is:

Mon- push ups, chin ups, easy ride to and from work (<60% MHR, shortest flattest route), 30 min walk at lunch

Tues- push ups, easy ride into work, 2 hour ride after work (hard efforts on hills), 30 min walk at lunch

Wed- easy ride to and from work, 5k easy run at lunch, push ups, chin ups

Thurs- easy ride to work, 30 min walk at lunch, 1-2 hour ride after work, push ups

Fri- 5k run to work, walk home, push ups, chin ups

Sat- as little as possible with 2 young kids

Sun- long ride 4-5 hours


I think you might be trying to do either or both of 1. Too much, 2. Spending yourself over too many goals.

Equally, you can prove me wrong. But I don’t think that’s sustainable, and maybe you don’t intend it to be. But consistency is everything.


That’s what I’ve been wondering myself. It doesn’t feel too much, in that I don’t feel lethargic and have a good amount of energy. But, written down like that it’s clearly a lot. I have noticed that my cycling seems to have taken a knock- I thought perhaps due to introducing running but maybe just generally doing too much.

I’ve built up very slowly over the year to that cycling volume, and have been pretty consistent with push ups through the year, and have been walking to and from work 1-2 times a week consistently.

But yeah, it does look a lot :stuck_out_tongue:


…and I’m not a ragey grumpy cunt at home which is a major warning sign I’m overdoing it :stuck_out_tongue:


I was planning to drop my midweek Tues ride from ~40 to 20 miles


My wife just confirmed that I’m not being any more of a cunt than usual


Your binge breakdowns speak volumes. It isn’t lack of discipline or being bad, it’s your CNS kicking back at you and trying to keep itself going.