Diet and Fitness


True. That was in response to a clearly ridiculous overload though :stuck_out_tongue: particularly hilly century ride on two consecutive Sunday’s

I can’t cope with a massive jump in volume over that baseline, but then that’s not surprising, eh? :wink:


Seriously though, what do you suggest?

I’d like to keep 2 runs a week to build up some conditioning there. Once the baby comes I’d like to be able to choose to go for a run rather than cycling since takes less time. My tues night ride will always be guaranteed because of childcare (in-laws don’t fucking leave on a Tues evening :wink: ) but won’t be able to guarantee getting out more than every second Sunday

I’d also like to improve upper body strength but in no particular rush- ideally I’d be at 30/40 push ups and 10 chin ups by Dec before the baby

I’d like to maintain the cycling fitness I have bit hopefully see improvement through improving all round fitness conditioning, lowering body fat and ideally weight


I think your eyes are bigger than your belly!

You can probably do this for a few weeks, maybe couple of months, but you’ll burn out at some point and/ or you’ll binge out uncontrollably.

In my experience you can focus on 2 main goals, and keep 2 other wheels spinning. After which you can switch them around. If you go after 4 you’ll most likely achieve none of them or at best minimal progress on any of them.


I’m not disputing that it’s possibly trying to do too much, but:

Do chin ups and push ups count as two goals?

I quickly reached my running goal- be able to run 5k without being sore the next day- and I feel like a couple of times a week at a low intensity is reasonable for keeping things ticking over? Or is building up conditioning still a goal? Is 5k too much? I could drop it to 3k twice a week?

Diet wise I’m not actively trying to lose weight, and with the amount of protein and veg I’m eating don’t feel THE HUNGER unless I go out and do something clearly ridiculous- I’m happy to just see what happens body fat wise, and hoping that it follows from the strength stuff and not over eating

Cycling- I do think that a 40 mile midweek ride is probably too much and not necessary, or even the best idea, for maintaining cycling fitness…probably two shorter midweek rides would be better

I think keeping up the (gentle!) lunchtime walk is for the best and probably not a consideration in terms of workload?

Not burning out is number one priority


Experience beats theory every time so why don’t you try it and see what happens.


I will drop the length of my midweek rides (i enjoy them, but it’s getting dark earlier anyway!), and Wed run will be lower intensity than I was doing

I was taking an easy week cycling every 4th week, I might change that to every 3rd week- so on those weeks I wouldn’t do midweek rides but keep running and strength stuff

I think that I have a good awareness these days of warning signs that I’m overdoing it


Upper body session last night.

Chins, 5 sets of 4 reps, supersetted with-
BB bench press 3 sets of 10 but failed on 3rd set
Military BB press - 2 sets of 10


Weigh in this morning - 12 st 3 lbs at 13% bf

Have been stuck at 19% bf for a while with weight going down, so was expecting to be below 12 st. Instead pleased to see it’s bf% that has reduced and lean mass gone up.

I put this down to some consistency over the last 2-3 months and focus on incremental progression.

New goal is to get to 10% by Christmas and to keep it there sustainably.


Great work.

I’d like to get down to 10%

Mine doesn’t look like it’s changed much since measured at 18%…weight been stuck at 10.5 stone most of the year. I have visibly put on muscle so maybe it’s come down a touch, I dunno

21 push ups this morning

Reading your post again I probably didn’t try hard enough…i wasn’t struggling for the last rep


Nice! Was that a single set?


Yup, single set.

I’m going to do it again tomorrow, then rest sat/sun to bring me into sync. I’ll then do it for two weeks. I want to keep Saturday as a total rest day.


That’s a great effort. I thought from your sets and reps you might be closer to your 30 target and get around 20 first time out.

Don’t fret if you don’t get the same reps tomorrow, just keep plugging away. Form and tempo are everything.


I can’t remember what I got up to earlier in the year for a single set- I think it was 22/23 max

It means I’ve managed to keep a fairly consistent level of upper body strength all year whilst focusing on building up the cycling

If I’d been better about diet then I would probably have shifted fat and weight, but hey…


@crimsondonkey 21 again. Fought like fuck for 22 but arms gave out :stuck_out_tongue:

I started out for a ride after work last night and really wasn’t feeling it so just headed home


Keep pushing! Get your protein and cals up. And get more sleep - forgot to say you really need 8 hrs a night.


I have been making an effort to get to bed in time to get 8 hours, but sometimes life gets in the way :wink: (getting to bed isn’t the problem)

As difficult at is it for me I’m…gulp…deprioritising cycling. Depending on how tonight plays out with the germ factories I’ll skip Sunday’s ride


Ran into work this morning. 4.1 miles at 8:09 min/mile including 5k in 25:05 mins :+1:

Longer than 5k because I was running late due to the kids- not planning on making a habit of >5k


Had my 3 month checkup with the surgeon today, am now officially down 37Kg (5 Stone 12 Lbs). I have to say the whole thing has been completely and utterly worth it, even if I am still having to take 7 pills each night at the moment!


7 pills! Amateur (or lightweight given the 37 Kg loss)

Keep it up!