Diet and Fitness


Good pace. Your cycling cardio fitness and leg strength transferring very nicely.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. Hopefully as I adapt to running my cycling will pick up again :stuck_out_tongue:

It does make me appreciate what an undertaking a half marathon is! :+1:




Chin ups when I get home then looking forward to doing fuck all tomorrow


Today is rest day :slightly_smiling_face:. Yoga this morning but that doesn’t count as exercise!


Did 4,4,3,2 chin ups …i know that’s 13 and not 12 but couldn’t do 4 on 3rd set and felt silly doing a set of 1 :stuck_out_tongue:


What was your tempo like?


I just did a couple more because I wasn’t sure. 3 to go up, squeeze 2 at top, lower 3 and wait 1 at bottom…what should I be doing?


Sounds about right. You don’t need to wait at the bottom, just don’t bounce and make sure you fully extend.

You could also go for an explosive up at 1 second or less. If you’re fast twitch you’ll find this easier, if you’re slow twitch you’ll prefer a steady ascent.


The weight begins with a 1, that’s a first for a long time, 19’12… Now at 44 off in 13 weeks and that following a two week holiday, well chuffed.


Awesome. Much more to come :+1:


New routine included Concentration DBCs this morning. I could barely turn the steering wheel on the way home. Going to be sore tomorrow.

Aside from that i saw a chap this morning benching. 130kgs without a spotter, crazy. (Me and another guy were watching ready to run over if needed)


I have just started including hills in my jogging and yesterday managed to run most of a five mile cross country circular route in under 53 minutes. A sub 50 minutes is hopefully on the cards in the next month and would be a very nice milestone . The tabata is also going well and starting to get baked in to my calendar. My wife has yet to see the Japanese Utube girls who are helping me.


Dumbells curls? Better off chinning - hits more muscles and has a much greater metabolic effect. Isolation moves are very poor quality training imo. You’ll get a great pump tho’ :grinning:

Was he going for reps? To failure? Gym I went to had a 3 strikes rule if they caught you doing that shit. Okay if your 1RM is 180kg but I’m guessing that’s unlikely!


Mild DOMS in my legs today, not noticeable in normal activity but a bit tender if prodded. Not too bad I think


Ha that’s not proper DOMS :laughing:


Nice running.

8fit do a free app with good tabata suggestions and workout vids.


Yeah I wasn’t sure what to call it. Mild muscle tenderness today :stuck_out_tongue:


One to keep in reserve in case his wife catches him


Acid test for leg DOMS - if you can lower and raise yourself off the toilet without assistance then you haven’t got it :joy: