Diet and Fitness


22 push ups :sweat:

I would be quite disappointed if someone looked at my form and said it was shit :stuck_out_tongue:


Day 220 I have now jogged five miles for seven days in a row and It’s getting much much easier - I am running more within myself and there is a marked difference in my average HR during a run. In July it was 158 BPM now it’s just 132 and also took 15 mins to get to a plateau of 135. My weight is down to 12 stone 4lb and my blood pressure is still OK off medication.


It’s pretty mind blowing thinking how many people are on drugs when lifestyle change would achieve the same or better results

Well done


My daughter’s rugby class was almost 50% girls last week :+1:

I sent my wife that article (she’s talked about this before)…she said “she’ll have doc martins” I said whoa encourage her to be active but there’s no need to weaponise her


My girls all insist on Docs. We don’t mind going shopping for school shoes, straight to the Docs shop, three pairs of Docs (of sundry design) and the job’s a good 'un. A suggestion by the proud parents that we check elsewhere was met with blank looks. And the Docs were cheaper and will probably last longer than the Clarke’s jobbies the youngest’s mates all have…:+1:


20 push ups today


Video and that can be arranged.


har har


Jim’s new zero carbs regimen has come with a heavy price tag for E London inhabitants.


Do you think your reps are very slightly down because you’ve focused on perfect form?

Keep pushing.


More likely just that I did them cold this morning whereas last night after the ride home.

I’m free for a ride after work tonight, but not too sure what to plan on doing…I don’t really have any structure to my rides at the moment… I pushed myself on Sunday, so figure an easier ride for 2-3 hours won’t be junk miles- maybe push myself on a few of the hills.

I guess, like you said earlier, i’m just keeping cycling ticking over so probably shouldn’t worry about there not being any progression.


Walked 25 Km in under 4 hours this morning
Then ran 8.12 Km in 51m:30s this afternoon.


That is impressive reading.
Well done, next time you visit you can walk round.


Really enjoyed my ride in the end :+1: got into a steady groove and did a 3 hour endurance ride, nothing too hard just steady effort. Decent evening and a good route :+1:


Not mine, I was considering an apronectomy to get it all over and done with quickly, but I chickened out :stuck_out_tongue:


23 push ups today after 4k with the lunchtime running group

Reasonable progress? What you’d expect?


More data points required!


Managed 5 chin ups on first set but only 3 on subsequent 2. Felt silly doing a set of 1 so did another set of 3 to make it 14. 2 mins rest between sets.


This must’ve taken some practice!


Hmm, I just dropped down below 14 stone for the first time in a long time.

20 years ago this random weight loss (which has been going on for a few months now - I’ve lost about a stone for no apparent reason) would have been a cause for celebration.

Now, as a 50-year-old bloke, it just makes me suspicious.