Diet and Fitness


Going to the doctor? Hope all is well


19 tonight :frowning:


If nothing has changed diet and activity wise, and you’re not currently stressed then please go see your GP, if nothing else but for peace of mind.


Keep going, it’s not out of expected variation.


Have you been revising your stats then? That is a complicated statement to justify on a small sample.



No, I’ve got a bigger sample to draw on than you :smile:


How are you controlling for variation across subjects or is it all Neil?


How are you controlling for your own cuntishness - in short you’re not, so start.


I’m not, but I’ll control teasing you gently if you are getting upset.


As if :roll_eyes:

Now run along fuckity bye then before someone raises their voice at you and sends you crying to headmaster.


I have always been a chunky bastard, to get down to a normal weight according to my BMI I have to eat like a sparrow. When I hit 40 it was like some kind of self-preservation switch was flicked and I have kept up a consistent exercise routine ever since that I find fun and seem to have a relenting drive to maintain. I walk about 40-50km a week, probably more some weeks now that we will live in Llandudno, do three hard sessions on the exercise bike and now, shitty weather permitting ride to work most days. Still chunky even with all that too but at least I am fit, if not quite healthy.


1.5 hour ride last night. Easy between hard efforts on 3 hills, and 1 hard effort on the flat. Good times on the hills.

Run to work was tough, and slow for the perceived effort. Too much, perhaps.

I feel it’s time for a recovery week of sorts next week, after 2 “full” weeks. I think dropping the Tues night ride and walk rather than run to work on Fri should do it. Do the Wed lunchtime run but perhaps shorten it? Keep going on push ups for the second full week. Keep going on chin ups.

Not sure what to do for Sunday’s ride. Main club ride (to benchmark myself), easier club ride, or shorter distance by myself- steady, easy or hill efforts??


Remember what I said about trying to do too much?


Yup :+1:

You also said I should try things out to find my limits, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

No binges despite a lot of cake in the house this week.

Actually, I’ve mainly felt stronger as the week as gone on, up until this morning :stuck_out_tongue: we all have bad runs though right?

Not sure what I’m best to do on Sunday. I’m inclined to head out on my own so I can do what feels best for me rather than getting dragged into riding faster than I should. Weather looks good for exploring and trying out some new roads- maybe a new cafe :+1:


True, it may have been predictable but you needed to find out for yourself.

Performance and perception will vary, the key thing is to keep going and your overall volume and max output will rise over time. Pays to always think long term which I know you do looking at year on year cycling improvements etc.


I’ve seen the benefits this year that have come from patience and working consistently and sustainably. That’s the goal with the running and dipping my feet into strength training- improving all round health rather than just cycling fitness with a focus on it being a sustainable lifestyle change.

I think we’re probably both targeting approximately the same body fat percentage for the same reason, because it’s generally regarded as being sustainable?

But, as you know I have a predeliction for hurting/stretching myself on occasion. I have managed to keep it relatively in check this year though :wink:


21 push ups today


In addition to my normal twice a week long walks I have managed a 8K run every day for 11 days - I am taking these pretty easy circa 53 mins - Todays average HR was just 124. Because this seems to be working OK I have decided to enter the 10K race instead of the 5K one in late October.
I’m told it is very hilly a bit of a bastard so will start practicing some hills more.


Thats a lot of running very well done.
A day off here and there to rest wont do any harm though.


Yes cheers - I am planning a few rest days