Diet and Fitness


Learn from my mistakes! :wink:


Did my chin ups 4 sets of 3. Was tough.


One thing about running…you don’t have to clean a bike in the fucking rain. Currently cleaning my bike in the fucking rain.


Being able to comfortably do a 3rd world squat is actually really fucking useful


Yep, saves fcuking up your knees when changing brake pads on a car.


Or lubing a bike chain in a wet garden


Oooooh Errr. Sounds filthy!


This is exercise :+1:


My two daughters are taking over my diet as from today - they don’t think I’m losing weight quickly enough…:anguished:


Move out Jim, fast!




Whichever is the easiest :+1:


My two try playing food police every now and then. Doesn’t last!


As long as you haven’t stalled and are still losing weight then slow but steady is best.


Hmmm i are disappoint. Only managed 20 push ups today. I’d hoped after two days rest I would have had a wee jump, but naw.

Yesterday’s ride ended up being harder than I’d intended, because I got chatting to a couple of other cyclists and a bit carried away riding with them,

My legs feel full of fatigue…


Keeping things in perspective…

My goal might be 30+ push ups by end of the year, but I have maintained the strength to do at least 3x10 for the entire year since I built up to that. I didn’t manage that last year.

My bodyweight has been pretty stable at 65-67kg since I got back down to that in the spring.

I can run 5k- couldn’t do that at the start of the year. I haven’t been able to do that for about 10 years!

I’ve been able to do at least one chin up for most of the year

I’ve built up to and maintained a level of cycling fitness that’s enabled me to do the club rides, and pretty much anything else that I’ve fancied- without feeling messed up or unfocused at work or home, or burning out.


Gonna be visiting this way twice a week soon then Jim? :wink:


Looks like too much overall work fatigue.

Two quick questions -

  1. Did you consistently up your daily protein intake?
  2. Did you get 8 hrs sleep a night on a consistent basis?

  1. Yes and 2) no

Sleep is one area where my lifestyle has room for improvement

Last night for e.g. I was in bed for 8 hours but I wasn’t asleep for all of them- it took time to get to sleep then was a bit broken by daughter getting up, and I was awake/dozing for 30 mins or so before i got up

Yet another way in which our society is really really fucking unhealthy