Diet and Fitness


Nope. I’m losing weight not height. If you know of a height diet, please do let me know. I’d love to be 6’4"


How’s your flexibility coming along with the weight loss? If you can touch your toes you can reach the seat adjustment bar :+1:


21 push ups today and yesterday


Update - I have just picked up my cholesterol results 4.5 total (was 5.1 2016) and ratio 2.5 (was 4.9 2016). This is very good news. MY RHR has been good and low at 46 for a few days and my BP off medication remains normal and has been verified as OK by my GP.

The jogging and walking is going pretty well I am doing 50 miles a week or more and my weight is now stable ish at 80kg but slowly dropping. I’m now eating an average of around 2600 cals a day. I had second physio session about my right arm today and now have more strenuous exercises, i can now physically plank for 30S but not yet manage a press up. Nonetheless a massive improvement for me in just a month where i could not hold myself up on my arms at all. I have bought myself some new stiffer trainers for trail running - Hopefully I will fall over less. Trying to touch my toes and 3WS are still a part of my daily routine - I am now 25mm away from touching the floor and can physically now do a 3WS with angled but flat feet. I can hold it for a minute or so. My belly fat is very slowly going away and I am sleeping much better than i have for years and often not waking up till six thirty as apposed to five o’clock.

My latest target is body fat reduction I have just bought some fat scales - It tells me that I have 27% body fat - The plan is to get that to 24% or less this year.


In a word, Excellent.


Best thing is you seem to be enjoying It? It doesn’t sound as though the 50 miles is wasted time or a slog?


Great stuff, well done!


A case study in what can be achieved to improve your own health and well being.

Very well done doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’m really pleased for you.


I guess I need more calories then, and what I’m actually doing at the moment is dieting sensibly :stuck_out_tongue: Tempted to just stay the course for a month, see what I can get my weight/fat down to, then up my calories (protein?) and concentrate on building some strength for a month or so before the baby arrives.

What to top calories up with? Nuts? What else? Eggs?


Sounds sensible.

The challenge with protein is to avoid paying too many calories to get it. Do you eat fish because that’s where I would go first, as well as eggs and high protein yoghurts.


Did chin ups in 3 sets of 4 so I feel like I’ve actually made progress


Yes you have indeed :+1:


After a bit of a short break to recharge, today was upper body -
Chins - 5 sets of 5 reps (getting close to now doing max rep sets to failure)
DB bench press 3 sets of 6 with upped weight, getting close to decent poundage
DB shoulder press - 2 sets of 8 reps


So what’s going on with the push ups then? :thinking:


Hard to be definitive - the last two weeks needed 3 ingredients; frequency, extra protein, and proper rest. I think you probably got 2/3. It’s difficult to predict if you’d gotten 8hrs a night, and maybe extra daily calories with higher protein intake, whether you’d have achieved better performance results. You should have but it’s unrealistic to say in absolute faith that you would.

However what you can safely conclude is that if you don’t get the balance between all 3 right then you’ll definitely get suboptimal performance.

I think cycling intensity and increasing volume might be the better way forward for you on press ups - I’ll give it some more thought and come back with some suggestions.


It’s probably rest, and trying to progress on too many fronts. It’s not like I’ve been slouching on the work front, and weekends are fun with small kids but not necessarily restful :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I need to reduce the cycling if I’m to fit in the other stuff, and get enough rest


Posted in another thread that I ran on Thursday for the first time in 10 years. Had some pretty savage DOMS in the last 24 hours. No surprise there. My only exercise since I stopped playing rugby has been cycling and occasionally swimming, both fairly low impact and non-weight bearing.

Will be running again tomorrow. Hopefully the legs will take it! Did a gentle 20 miles on the bike today to get the blood moving.


It’s taken a bit of time and a bit of post holiday bounce back didn’t help, reset the compass and went back to my original diet discipline, seems to have done the trick. No longer morbidly obese, now merely obese, another 3 stone 3 lb will see me join the ranks of your average overweight middle aged male.


Can you remind us what the diet change was/is?


Recent weigh in - 12 st 4 at 12% bf; (was 12 st 3 at 13% 2 weeks ago).

Odd set of recent results as I was expecting my weight to dive below 12 st to something like 11 st 8 with lower bf before coming back up. Might be possible to get to 12 st 7lbs at <10% bf by year end?