Diet and Fitness


Had a personal training session today, going to book a few more. Very worthwhile. Amongst other things he sorted out a couple of dead lift form glitches that I had.


Press up workout for @NAM:

Basics -

  • 3 different workouts
  • 2 days rest between workouts
  • maintain calories at breakeven or slight deficit
  • moar protein!
  • focus on regular 7-8 hrs sleep a night
  • active recovery

Workout 1: 50 press ups - in whatever set size you want, but get to 50 even if you spread them across the day

Workout 2: 10x10 - 10 sets of 10 strict press ups. Start with 2 mins in between sets and reduce by 15 seconds each week

Workout 3: Ladder sets - start with a set of 10, rest for 1 minute, then do 11, another minute rest etc all the way to failure, then start descending by 2 reps (so if you failed on say 20 then do 18, then 16 etc).

Active recovery: On your off days a short focused session of foam rolling on your chest, shoulders and triceps. Then some upper body stretches in all the relevant areas you’ve rolled (shout if you would like suggestions)

Sleep, don’t forget to sleep! Whatever your routine is start by getting to bed slightly earlier each night. No caffeine after 7pm, and leave your phone and computer alone after 9.30pm. Build a routine of winding down and preparing your body to sleep (yes, like a child!).

Post your performance, it might need tweaking. Share your pain too - I think you’ll be feeling some proper DOMS :scream::grimacing::grinning:


Something’s gone wrong. I’m in full blown eat-the-world mode


Second run yesterday. The DOMS was still lingering after 72 hours but decided to run through it. Legs a little bit achy today but an extended commute home on the bike has left them feeling much better.

Hopefully at this rate I should reach my Christmas target of running 2 hilly miles non-stop, 3 times a week.


What activity did you do today?


50 push ups, and chin ups

Think it was probably more down to not eating much on the club ride on Sunday, which was quite hilly

Thanks for the push up workout suggestions.

I’m doing a 100+ mile on Sunday (this one will probably be last one for the year! :stuck_out_tongue: ) so probably need to recover from that next week before i attack the push ups

To be honest, I’m finding that I don’t have much appetite for structured training at the moment. Enjoyed the club ride, just being fit enough to do it without too much effort. I think this probably affected my willpower a bit last night with food- I don’t care enough. Enough to eat well 90% of the time no problem, but last night i couldn’t be arsed denying myself some CHEESE.

Taking it easy this week again- no midweek rides planned. Short (~3k), very easy run into work this morning after dropping bike in for service. I’ll prob try another one of your push up work outs Thurs, and i have a ~30 mile corporate cycling event on Friday. Then the 100 mile ride on Sunday.


Yesterday was short sharp leg day -
3 sets of 10 squats
1 set of 10 deadlifts (declined 2nd set due to sore elbow)

Bloody felt it this morning and it’s got steadily more difficult as day dragged on. Home now and trying to motivate myself for chins and bench press…


I think I have been exercising on to my end stops for the prior two weeks so this week I have been pacing myself with just two long walks - 17 and 20 miles and three runs of 5 miles and including two complete rest days. Honestly I think that’s plenty for me, it seems to work and I currently have very low fatigue levels. I will try to continue this regime through October. Today after a rest day I did my best five mile cross country run. Not quite 10 minute mile pace - (50 mins and 30 seconds) but very close. Next week I plan to walk the 10K that I hope to be running in late October to assess how the 150m hills in it feel like.


Very sensible Andrew :+1:


Did manage to drag myself to do -
5 sets of 5 strict chins
DB bench press 3 sets of 7
DB shoulder press 2 sets of 9
Hammer curls 2 sets of 10

Now hungry :yum:


Today I jogged my first 11.0 Km cross country including some hills this was a 3K increase in my normal distance - I passed the 5K milestone in 30M 30S and the 10K milestone in just under 64M - The hills are all in the second half . Very pleased to find that my HR was a very consistent 130 BPM. I am now very confident unless I injure myself that my 10K run on Oct 29th is not going to be too much of a chore.


Upper body session last night.
Chins - 6,6,5,5
DB bench press - 7,7,7
Decline DB press 15
Hammer curl, 11,8
Shoulder press 10,7

Chins starting to feel easier and getting into a groove. Might just be possible to get to 3 sets of 10 before year end?


Fourth run in this morning and managed it non-stop for the first time.

Only 2-and-a-bit hilly miles, but quite pleased with myself.


The usual 2K swim today but I’ve been making a point of doing it twice a week for a while & finishing in 40 minutes has become easier. I think the daily rowing has also helped.


Today it was a walk day - 17.3 miles around Hanborough, Kidlington and North Oxford in less than 4-1/2 hours. Very pleased with a really consistent pace and a time that gave a 3.995 MPH average speed.


That’s pretty impressive, I think


Some of you who have started to run (better than my fragile efforts by the looks of some of the pace you’ve laid down) might find this useful.


Leg day!

3 sets of 8 DB squats with more weight
1 set of 10 deadlifts (had to quit with sore elbow, needs more physio :slightly_frowning_face:).

Off for a short run in a bit.


Feeling slightly less rank day for me. I can’t see myself feeling up to much before the planned ride on Sunday. I’m not beating myself up over it.