I’ve often said they are better fed than many humans!


Our vet told us to use Royal Canin dry stuff (lots of choices and dog types)

No commission or care where we got it.


Paul, we have always fed our mutts with Burns.

Good quality and not bulked up with ash and stuff.



Not a fan :see_no_evil:

I use this as a guide. ymmv.


How coincidental, I’m searching that site now :+1:



Haha, that’s great!


Likewise - we only feed our 3 on raw food (mix of meat, bone and offal). They really thrive on it; more energy, better coats, teeth and breath, stools that are small, firm and barely smell at all. So much better than processed, carb-loaded dry food.

Paul: The basics are described here on wiki:
but since you already give yours a mostly meat diet, why not try it raw instead of cooked? There are lots of suppliers who will send frozen BARF mixes, but I suspect getting them to you still frozen would be a bit tough… probably better to talk to your butcher and add some bones to the mix. Key point, as @malbec said, is that uncooked bone is OK, including poultry, but cooked is a complete no-no.


We feed our two this plus raw chicken wings in the morning.


Ok, thanks for all the comments/recommendations.

Who would have thought that choosing dog food would be so complicated. The choice is bewildering. We thought that feeding them Pedigree was doing them a favour, turns out that it is shite and the only thing Pedigree seem good at is marketing.

I have to say, that site that @browellm recommended is ace. Seems to be independent and very comprehensive.

Based on their reviews and searching on line for the best deals (that will also deliver to Fetlar without wanting the equivalent of the Canada Hoard to do so) I have ended up buying some of this:


along with a few trial bags of various treats, again only those with top rated reviews. They will still get the freshly cooked meat or fish daily.

It seems our monthly dog food bill is going to rise by about £50-£60 - Happy to do that though, knowing they are going to be getting better, healthier food.

As for feeding them raw meat and bone, it’s just not practical here. We only visit the butchers every four weeks and buying frozen food online is practically impossible due to the time it takes for parcels to arrive. The meat/fish we cook is bought fresh and frozen in our own freezer. I wouldn’t be happy just defrosting that and feeding it to them, hence the reason for cooking it.

Thanks again for your input.


I have fed that one before :+1:


Good to know.

It’s just a trial really, there are several others well reviewed that we can try if they don’t take to this.


The cold pressed stuff looks more like horse food than dog food, but the dog seemed to like it.


I see that


I doubt they will be bothered about the look of it :grin:


I use Kirkland (Costco’s finest). About £30 for 18Kg. I have used this on all my woofs.


Defrosting meat and giving it to the dogs is not a problem. When we see meat on special offer in the supermarkets we will stock-up and freeze. Defrosted meat doesn’t and hasn’t bothered them.


Here’s our new puppy Iva. Sadly we lost our last miniature Schnauzer, Zennor, at the young age of 7 which was heartbreaking. Iva is shaping up to be every little bit as much fun and loving. It is like having a real life teddy bear in the house, that bites!


She looks great!


Interesting. I have investigated beyond the link @husky981 provided and it seems there are differing views.

I’ll have to research it a bit more before I’m convinced one way or the other.


One of my colleagues rescued and has now adopted an abandoned dog…

Nell’s coat has fully regrown and she is now in excellent health. She is a delightful little dog.