Shit job but satisfying.

Looks very good.


:+1: Cheers! The house was built in 1906 and that is the original floor. The finish will hopefully bring out all the dings and imperfections to add a bit or character. I’m not using any bog to fill the imperfections. I’ll be pissed off it looks too perfect as I like the aged and well-worn look (as anybody who has seen my clothes can tell).


Yes,i never understand why people want to try and make old floorboards look like new.
I’ve done around 40 or 50 floors some years ago.
Some come out better than others.

The nightmare ones are the ones that were painted in the bitumen type stuff during the war.


I was going to do the dining room as well. We lifted the carpet and all seemed perfect until we go the the bay window. Clearly the boards had been damaged (damp?) so some numpty had simply cut across the floor with a circular saw and then dropped in some really cheap shit boards to patch the damage. It is a pain in the sac as we will need to relay the floor. Luckily we are putting in a new bathroom next year so we can nick the original boards from that room. Major disappointment though…


Great dog, great floor, but … white slippers and tartan socks? My flabber is gasted.


Slippers are from Emirates Business Class, of which I have a large collection :rolling_eyes:. They now reside in the bin. The tartan is a pair of fleecy PJs used as work wear and are really hideous!


You’re amongst friends here. It’s ok to admit you were having a Bay City Rollers session.


I was aiming for this look:

Unfortunately I was full of fail and ended up with

That is clearly my slim and toned midriff there. I’ve photoshopped out the yellowness and hairyness…


You are Brian and I claim my £5. :slight_smile:

Pretty mutt and boards tho.


I’m not Brian, I am a very naughty boy. Welease Wodger!


I had a pair of the first ones, unfortunately that was 25 years and 10 inches on the waist ago sob


Oh fuck, not 25, 35. Aaarrgggghhhh.




£175 to have the dog’s knackers removed. It’s getting a reprieve this month.


Not tempted by a bit of DIY?




Curtis the naughty lab


Curtis this morning is a sad lab, a sad lab who sicked up 4 times in the night and poo’d all over the kitchen with runny poo. To be fair, he’s sick as he refused his breakfast. You know a lab is really ill if he refuses food.


Oh no, I guess the White doggo in the picture didn’t agree with him then?

Get well soon Curtis.


He’s back to normal now. Threw down his tea, so all is well.