Basil has just found out what happens when he rolls in fox shit… Little twat :angry:


You won’t believe what that vet did to me today (part 2). Pixie had her puppy production facilities removed today.

Note to self: must paint the skirting boards…:persevere:


Poor Pixie and the lightshade of shame to add insult to injury. I’d piss in his slippers and shit in his pillow Pixie - a lot.


Its taken me two and a half months to put pen to paper so to speak, always seem to get some grit in my eye when I try.
Last November I had to take our Golden Retriever Milly on her final trip to the vets, she was the most wilful, stubborn, characterful and adorable of dogs you could imagine. Born with a heart defect and given a life expectancy of six years, she reached six and then developed an immune deficiency, she managed to live until she was almost ten. Thrown out of puppy and adult dog training as being unruly and a bad influence, stealing the Sunday football leagues football and humping it in the penalty area, pooping on my Garrard 301’s platter and introducing herself to every department at the Liverpool Small Animals Hospital after slipping her lead, once met never forgotten. Yet she was the softest and most caring/nurturing and patient of dogs with our grandchildren. We still hear her padding the hallway and flopping down between rooms, she is very much missed by us all and irreplaceable .
However, the house is not a home without the sound of paws pacing the hallway and on Monday we travel to Cumbria to collect our ‘batty flattie’ pup. A male black flat coated retriever and if true to type an ideal family dog if you can survive licks, attention seeking behaviours, mischief and a continually wagging coffee table clearer. I can’t wait.
We still can’t agree on a name, my daughter and granddaughter want to call him ‘Captain Cuddles’ - I don’t think so somehow, but Captain wouldn’t be too bad at a push, I suggested William but swmbo refuses to call out Willy in public, a right old spoilsport.
We couldn’t have a white/champagne coloured female after Milly, so have gone for the exact opposite with a black dog, but still of a gundog breed.
My wife and I have both been vetted by the Kennel Club and have been determined suitable :rolling_eyes: to own a Flat Coat, I’m not bragging about it, I just find it funny that I can introduce the wife as Kennel Club approved, there has to be some mileage in that.
So roll on Monday morning, I have that same feeling that I remember having as a child at Christmas.


Ruby, my Gordon Setter, has an admirer called Archie, who is a dark chocolate FCR.

He’s an absolute nutter, but also an absolute darling, so good natured and affectionate.

If Captain, Cuddles, William, or whatever you decide on, is like him you’ll be very happy indeed.

Good luck for Monday!


What about the name Marly.

My nephews friend is called Marly and is pretty much your description of Milly in a 10 year old.


Crikey, what kind of circus goes on when those two meet, both breeds daft as a brush. :grinning:

Everything is up in the air at the moment, other names suggested have been Gibson, Bertie and Barney. Marly, having seen the film is a bit too close too dear old Milly’s personality and a similar colour. Used to be a funny film, can’t watch it now. Soppy I know.


About time…


Posted this elsewhere, but then realised it should have been here

Hildur - 6 months now


Maddie is 2 1/2 now.


What a pair of beauties.


Thanks John.

They have the run of the place here and it shows in their fitness. They can run all day, and usually do, whatever the weather!


Picked this little fella up last Monday our Flat Coated Retriever, 8 weeks old and weighing in at 8.2kg. called Barnaby. After a week he’s become bold and confident and craves human company. Already sitting to command and his housetraining is coming on well albeit a tad hit and miss, even recall ( as long as there’s a doggy treat for him ). Besotted with him, could forgive him almost anything with the exception of his howls at 2.00am, but he’s getting better.


Doggo from me - Snapped by me on hols
He was happier than he looks.



Django last week in Wales.


That is a great name for him. Lovely mutt.


Ive always thought this, my dog loves a bit of riddim.


And with some righteous Hash? :upside_down_face:


Thought it was time for an updated Mrs Millicent pic


She’s getting big, looking relaxed and hogging the fire, no doubt who the boss is in your household.