Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


kim kardashian is 125/1 if you want a sensible flutter on some sites


Trump is still the bigger arse.


I’m surprised the Democrats haven’t cottoned onto the moronic thirst of middle America for ‘Celebtitions’ (Regan, Schwarzenegger, Trump) The celebrification of republican politics is quite well established and seems to work a charm. POTUS is just a figurehead, put a mouthpiece in place with sufficient charisma and like the pied piper the moronic nation will follow. The Democrats would perhaps fair better with Opera Winfrey up front and Bernie S writing the policy…


More drawing the swamp derp…


From 50 secs to 1min 05secs…certainly know’s his stuff.




All you have to be is as smart as the people who vote for you (actually being a bit less smart goes down well with GOP voters).



Is that even possible?




Fuck me.


Fucking hell!


Bluster. Fucking stupid but bluster all the same


Shit. He’s fucking stupid enough to do it too.


He does grasp the concept that other people can read his tweets, doesn’t he ?


Too stupid for diplomacy or negotiation, this is all he’s got the moronic orange cunt.




Fucking iPhone :smile:


Why do people who use apple always blame the phone?


Coz they’re shite.