Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


That is Professor Pinko Commie Bastard to you Mr Chan.



Oooooooooh :rofl:

And call me Jim FFS or anything else really



Scroll down for 2016

Also tabulated by date and number of deaths per incident

I’ve no idea which is correct. Which is of course a problem.



Source please: abortion was top of the first list not present in your second offering. Lies,damned lies and statistics and all that.


Just saw the source


I thought that some of the South American countries matched or indeed had worse gun crime figures than the US.


"Congress is considering the “Hearing Protection Act,” which would change federal regulation of gun “silencers.”

Beyond Imbecilic, Guns are designed to maim and kill, silencers are designed to help moronic cunts do so sneakily


Abortion seems high, their Hospitals must be crap. :grimacing:




When a country’s credibility is really working for you :roll_eyes:


Not all guns are designed to maim and kill [people] and those that are should never be in private ownership. I lost hope on America adopting sensible firearms legislation (as we have in this country) after Sandyhook. Deceased country music fans won’t change anything despite their tragic number.


What are they designed for then, tickling?


Starting races? Startling horses?


Penis substitute


captive bolt guns, water pistols and… nup that’s about it i think.


Not very good substitute though. It is messy enough when the real thing goes off unexpectedly!


You need to keep your finger away from the trigger



Not much use if the safety is broken and you were equipped with a semi (:smirk:) automatic.