Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


You know on CSI or whatever cop show when they find the gun at the crime scene? Then the cop types the serial number into his computer and up pops the guns registered owner?

Well all that seems very sensible, that you should be able to get that information in a timely and efficient manner doesn’t it?

Except that’s not the way it works. The USA, by law, does not have a searchable database of guns. It’s not even allowed to put the information on computer.

And why not? Because of the NRA, and the gun manufacturers lobby, as if you couldn’t guess.

Read this, it’s a bit long, but absolutely eye popping.


You do know that you only get presents if he cuddles you in his other costume don’t you ?





:angry: you’re getting fuck all in your stocking this year then…


Depends on how you define ‘presents’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Stay away from my chimney, alright? Can’t afford to fix it.


Presuming stocking = colon and chimney = rectum?

Presents = sperm

Do i win a prize for breaking the code?


No. I mean I don’t want him going near my chimney. It’s a listed building and will cost a fortune to fix if he tries to force himself down it.


Has it listed because of the enormous weight of your Hi Fi and the various structural modifications necessary to get said hunk of iron into the building?


Right…I have no fucking idea what “listed building” is code for.


Five points for using the alternative meaning of the word in the context of a building with the normal use of the word, thus potentially setting up a joke. Potentially.


Presume “hunk of iron” is some kind of ornate victorian dildo. Structural modifications must mean anal stretching by buttplug. Hi Fi= backed up faeces and Listed = prolapse? Building must be catch all slang for general anus


I worry about what you might see in an ink spot test Neil.


It is a hi fi related attempt at humour. It is unfunny by definition. Like prog.


You worry about me? Surely I pale next to @Agrail ?

Plus, surely all ink blots look like Hi Fi transfer from @coco dunking his Listed Building onto the paper?




In this place it’s probably another silly cunt who’s bought an Aga.


Ooft. Some “structural modifications” for that. At least there’s no risk of his stocking getting burnt.


You seem a bit frustrated.


It’s all that tofu.