Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke





Whoops should be the other way around


Coz, that’ll help no end !



I think Rex Tillerson was the only good appointment he made, he comes across as quite calm and controlled. Getting rid of Tillerson would be a really stupid idea as he’s the moderate voice in the cabinet trying to negotiate at the moment.


I fear that might be the reason.



He (DOTUS) doesn’t want a voice of reason. He’s made his mind up to start a fuck off big war, and wants an office full of nodding dogs to let him get his way.

Funny how this draft dodger is so keen to send other people to war.


Playing devil’s advocate, I suppose it’s just possible he’s trying to strengthen Tillerson’s hand. At this stage the stories are just rumours. If the people he’s negotiating with believe that Tillerson needs a breakthrough or he’ll be out they might decide that they should give him what he needs rather than risk having him replaced by someone unhinged. That would indicate at least some degree of subtlety on Trump’s part though, and there’s been precious little evidence of that in any of the other things he’s done.



That’s quite an assumption and relies upon Kim Lil Dong not being cut from the same fat suit as Dumpf which I think is very unlikely.

I don’t think Dumpf has enough of a brain to be that tactical and is nothing more than the fact Tillerson is getting more media coverage than him at the moment.

The only thing driving Dumpf is his ego.


Dumfs businesses go bankrupt. it would be nice to think 'give him enough rope and he will hang himself." The trouble is he is capable of taking so many and so much with him. His intentionally divisive politics set so many people at odds it is clear balance, harmony, peace, unity etc hold no value for him. The harms of ‘divide and concur’ are far reaching and destructive. Curiously the UK is undergoing a similar fracturing process.



I hope you meant Conquer!

But, on everything else you wrote, this.


Haha I’m not sure I or the Donald knows the difference !



And Keith Richards went for him with a knife in Atlanta.

The Stones keep asking for him to stop using their music at his rallies, but he keeps using it, just to piss them off apparently.