Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke




Tillerson does not come from a particularly affluent background. He has a batchelor’s degree in Civil Eng from UT Austin (a decent school). He joined Exxon as a graduate in a junior post and worked his way to the top. Literally. He can’t be stupid.

Donald Trump on the other hand … to be honest if I was interviewing for a job I wouldn’t give it to him even if he was the only candidate.



Were I recruiting he wouldn’t to the interview stage


Dunno about that. I can’t think of a better candidate for a junior position cleaning out septic tanks using a toothbrush (bring your own toothbrush).


I would interview Trump for a position- I’d enjoy asking him all manner of stupid questions and have him answer ridiculous things. I’d egg him on and make him think he was being considered right up until the last minute before pulling the rug from underneath him. I’d then delight in explaining why he didn’t get the job -

“Because you’re a thick ignorant cunt and I don’t like you, and nor does anyone else. Cunt.”


Meh! Not petty enough. Must try harder.



He doesn’t deserve either my imagination or full force of contempt, so that’ll have to do.


Wouldn’t you rather give him the ‘job’ and then make his life hell?

Seems to be what he does.


Fair enough too. But you might at least complement him on his small hands, nylon hair and Nazi/Klan member father. It is nice to be friendly.


I would get Trump past the interview and recommend him for a top job in HR, I fucking hate HR.


Shhhush you human who needs to be resourced.

HR are the most important department in any company (no I am not HR). Or maybe they are a hinderance to progress.


They are forever coming up with bright ideas (read shite ides) that not only are you supposed to like, you actually have to like, even if you don’t. It’s like dealing with the Thought Police and Newspeak. Some wankers even made the mistake of completing their staff survey which spawned a shit load of said shite ideas, all tagged with the words,

“You said you wanted ,… so we gave you …”



HR are completely anonymous where I work. Been there nearly four years and I have never had any formal contact from them in that time. Not even when I started. It’s not like they are a small company either, with 60k people…


I didn’t realise his middle name was Christ. Apparently it was his mother’s maiden surname. That’s got to add to your egomania, surely.



Not as much as the fact he is worth $3.5 Billion





In the World Cup qualifiers last night, Mexico needed to score a last-minute free-kick against Honduras for the US to make it through.The Mexican free-kick hit the wall.

Oh Donald…

Oh the irony of it all.