Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Best album of 74 imo
There 2nd album,Flicking my nips on Brighton pier was somewhat of a let down though.


the latest release of previously undiscovered material from the Nick Drake archives.


“I have pretty severe things that we’re thinking about”.

You fucking what?


Mr. Trump has shit his nest in the eyes of the world, I can’t see it being long before his behaviours mimic those of a cornered rat. America’s credibility has gone tits up since his Presidency.


A cornered rat with a little metal football?


He’s going to hack into NK TV and broadcast all of his apprentice episodes 24/7 until they surrender.


I know it’s kinda funny seeing the little man rattle the cage of the big super power but there has to come a point when North Korea goes too far (e.g. shows it can reach mainland USA with it’s missiles), so if China / Russia cannot or won’t put some shackles on Kim Jong Un then the USA, whoever is in charge, will have to take action or be seen to be unbelievably weak.

Having said that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it’s part of some big global conspiracy - lets’ not forget America at various times was actively supporting the likes of Saddam Hussain, Osama bin Laden etc.

The business of America is war after all.:kissing:


Dad and son chilling at the G20


Not sure what form the ‘action’ would take. Just looking at the figures on Wiki,

17 years of age

Available for
military service
6,515,279 males, age 15-29 (2010),
6,418,693 females, age 15-29 (2010)

Fit for
military service
4,836,567 males, age 15-29 (2010),
5,230,137 females, age 15-29 (2010)

Reaching military
age annually
207,737 males (2010),
204,553 females (2010)

Active personnel
1,190,000 (2012) (ranked 4th)[1]

Reserve personnel
600,000 reserves (2012)
5,889,000 paramilitary (2012) (ranked 1st)

That’s a fuck load of personnel to take on, though how many of them would be willing to fight might be debatable.


There is no way it will be US troops on the ground like in Iraq/Afghanistan.

TBH I’m amazed they can’t just kill Kim Jong Un with a laser from space or something similar.


They could easily do it with a missile from space. They’d need to OK it in advance with the Chinese though as they might fail to see the funny side of an ICBM arriving unexpectedly. It seems that the Chinese reckon that while brother Kim is a pain in the arse the chaos that would follow his sudden exit would be even worse. So if asked they’d likely say no. The CIA really need to dupe two girls into smearing VX on his fat face.



Would his removal alone be sufficient though? Every time we have instigated a regime change it’s gone horribly wrong. Unless you have a reasonable possibility of a sensible new regime coming in, it’s hard to see that record changing.

What might be needed is a broad coalition of countries all willing to commit to 10-20 years of military rule, while sensible systems are set up to allow the country to stop being so dysfunctional. As education progressed, the people would accept this requirement and be able to replace the foreign rule, but it’s hard to see that taking less time than a full generation.


Unless it is a massive strike (i.e. nuclear) that virtually obliterates the North Korean war machine in a matter of minutes then the problem is that as soon as conflict starts NK will just launch everything they have on South Korea and Japan.

Trouble with a nuke or two is the fallout will effect China and many others.

Maybe we could build a wall and a roof to make North Korea totally self contained.:grinning:



Trumps secret plan started a while ago with the withdrawl from the Paris accord and then waiting for NK to disappear underwater.

He’s actually very bigly smart.



Let’s just hope the veep never gets left alone with the nuclear button



Un fucking believable


Summit or no summit, if I was the session chair I would have been soooooooo tempted to switch the topic back to the Paris Climate Change Accord while she was sitting in for him. She supports staying in, apparently.



Why was she even allowed to sit in FFS.

I honestly fear for where America is heading. The amount of shit going on is staggering and all aided and abetted by the GOP and cunts like Bannon. There will be no easy way out of the mess they’re in even if Trump is removed.

It’s looking more and more like Trump will be the sacrificial lamb and Pence or some other mental case will step in to “save the country”.

I did notice there is an American version of Tory Jesus which one small good thing :+1: