Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke



Letting your kids have a go doesn’t always turn out well





This has to be fake. Surely, even he wouldn’t be this crass. Would he ?

Apparently retweeted from Trumps own feed.


Must be a fake, got to be - but why am I not sure?


Exactly my mindset. Is it fake ? It must be fake, right ? It can’t possibly be real. Can it ?


posted, twittered or twatted by some alt-right blogger, not sure about trump retweeting it though.


Doubt is the rot. It seems Trump uses incredible behaviors and statements to destabilize ideals simply through confusion. Undermining is backed with divisive coverage and propaganda by the bucket load. Where is the truth? the moment the statement ‘alternative facts’ was put on the table as acceptable the apple cart had already left the road.

Had enough of experts? Don’t believe in climate change? Believe in nationalism? Even Stronzetto doesn’t think this funny and he’s a man (of sorts) who still quite liked Thatcher (mainly for her hairspray - he likes to hoof it sometimes)


Time to get the popcorn out guys

Who needs Game Of Thrones when you’ve got Games of Trump !


Apparently the New York Times had the documents and were going to publish. Trump junior was essentially forced into releasing the papers earlier. They establish that he and by association his father, colluded with the Russians to get dirt on Hillary. His dad can’t claim fake news on this.

Funny as fuck.


This should get really interesting now



He just can’t help himself. Patronising prick.




That’s a belter





The Daily Show obtained a transcript of the Trump/Putin G19+1 meeting that Trump claimed didn’t happen.