Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that the Trump family and the people they chose to surround themselves are so stupid, incompetent, and arrogant. Could Trump’s warning to Robert Mueller that his investigations better not look into Trump family finances make it any more obvious that he’s shitting his pants about decades of money laundering being revealed ?

Can’t wait for the day the novelty of making his monkey dance wears off for Putin and a nice fat Wikileaks dump comes down hard on the Orange One.



Totally brilliant :rofl:



Brilliant video :+1:

Chomsky is always worth listening to


Spicer walks out! Bond villain/gangster to replace him!


Ha, visited by three Dickensian spirits last night?!



I knew I should have put some money down on that one :smiley:



I’m disappointed. Spicer was solid entertainment, at least while they still allowed the press to cover their press conferences. The Comical Ali de nos jours.


Samuel Clovis is to be the under secretary of agriculture in charge of the research, education, and economic analysis programs of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). An appointee to this position has always been intended to a “distinguished scientist.”

Clovis is an economics professor with virtually no background in, association with, or knowledge of, any sort of science. The appointment puts him in charge of a $3.8bn portfolio.


No he is not. He has an MBA from Golden Gate University and then a PhD in Public Administration from the University of Alabama. These are not a front line schools or programmes. Given these qualifications he is not an economist either. The qualification is in Business and/or Administration. In our terms he is not a Professor, but rather was a sessional lecturer at Iowa State on their MPA but most of his teaching experience is at Morningside College (me neither). Most damning for his claims to be an academic (or suitability for the position of Under Secretary of Agriculture) is that he is almost completely unpublished in peer reviewed journals.

He did say this though ‘At the end of the day, scientists are nothing more than a bunch of dumb, regular people with limited vision who think dinosaurs actually existed and the earth is somehow getting warmer’.

In short, he is a fat buffoon who supports Trump. Please don’t accuse him of being an economist though. That is moderately unfair to us economists. He was a radio talk show host though.


Has he any connection with Monsanto?



:scream: my eyes, my eyes!!!




More and more scary monsters appearing as the swamp gets drained :frowning:
I doubt that even a Republican controlled Senate is going to confirm him. But then again, a lot of things I’ve doubted have come to fruition under this administration.


Twitter meltdown


He’s investigating self-pardons :joy: