Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke



^ Excellent how a timeline identifies signal from noise.

Rejects attempts to make it on-going accidental slapstick.


The Bannon quote cracks me up everytime






Jesus, are there any real politicians left in the White House?


The stream of insanity is impressively relentless


To say you couldn’t make this up is to understate things. I’ve got a holiday booked there in a few weeks. I hope the lights are still on.




That’s some home exchange! Your place must be quite something.

Enjoy the White House


Not quite the White House (although at the rate he’s getting through people maybe if I pitched up and said I felt I could help then who knows ?). Actually I’ll be in Columbus OH then down through Kentucky to NW Tennessee. Surely that’s far enough from DC to be OK ?



Have a great time


Have a good one. Don’t forget to let us know, several times a day, that you are on holiday, just in case we forget.


He probably has the sense to enjoy the holiday, rather than post about it on here every day


There should be an AA flag made available to all globe trotting / gallivanting members. it would be nice to see such a flag planted and flying inappropriately in beauty spots and places of global interest.


I plan to spend the first couple of days teaching my brother’s kids this

so we can sing it here

So when I said I wouldn’t be in the White House we will still (yes, really) be in a White House.



Gosh, website showing only two minutes thirty-nine seconds to go.

Skates on! :grinning:


All he needs is the military uniform covered in medals he never earned and thats his tin-pot dictator bingo card filled.