Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


It’ll be interesting to see how his complete lack of progress looks to folks on the ground when I get across there next week. My US relatives are all ardent Democrats but I imagine that we might bump into one or two Trump supporters on eclipse day (the ones who won’t have mistaken it for ‘the rapture’, that is)










A new hero will arise :grin:



In his position i wouldn’t have published that on twitter.


I guess he currently feels secure about his job security.


Wow, he works for the Institute for Studies. Someone should tell the Daily Mash


My study needs a serious tidy-up. Do you think they could help ?



Just looked at it again and, whilst he is based in California, it is actually the Institute of International Studies, so I see no good reason that he would not travel abroad to look at yours.


Judging by the photo he’s certainly enjoying his work studying massive bombs.


The thing is, a reasonably well educated layperson knows it takes around 10-15 years to make incremental improvements to a nuclear weapons cache. And if they had somehow made improvements by magic as Trump claims, then they’d be duty bound to report it to the IAEA whereby it would subsequently be all over the news.

All of which is moot, given they already have enough firepower to make the planet uninhabitable many times over.


Toon_Fan_1 should have responded that his expertise came from the Kevin Keegan meltdown in 1996.


I noticed the name and find it quite amusing that someone calling themselves toon fan 1 is following/replying to a nuclear weapons expert on Twitter but doesn’t know he is a nuclear weapons expert. Too much of the beverage in the avatar perhaps? Mind, I quite like the odd Bottle of Dog every now and then!!


He may have thought his expertise was in the study of cables made from cat hair.


Unfortunately, we’re closer to the ‘walk into space’ right now.