Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke



True. But the last couple of strategic arms reduction treaties (SORT and the current New START) didn’t, I believe, require either side actually to destroy any warheads. They just had to take them out of deployment (and, according to wikipedia, out of ‘reserve’, whatever that means). It could be that the US has warheads in some kind of (non-reserve) storage, which might well be at Livermore. If the missiles are able to carry MIRVs then arms reduction is easy - you just take as many warheads out of each missile as you’ve agreed to. But it might not take long to put some of them back.





Think we can get the hashtag #dontkillusallyoufuckingmoron to trend globally?



Hahaha, I love this bit

He added: ‘At the same time as the first study, we found a number of male individuals at an illegal car cruising event on the seafront and subjected them to unsafe levels of radiation to see if their cognitive function and general intelligence levels would be reduced.’

‘The results were encouraging.’


Given that both sides still have about 1500 active warheads and 800 launch sites it really is a moot point. They could still fuck us up several times over. Trump’s statement is utter gobshite on a stick and he is proving himself to be a fucking liability on the international stage. Thank fuck his finger on the button does not mean the missiles will ever get launched.


Just give him a choice of more than one, he’ll never get it right


Sebastian Gorka

Seems like a nice guy…


Wanna bet.:skull_and_crossbones:


Don’t worry. Bob’s taken all the rotor arms out.



It’s coming to something when the most sensible statement is from the Chinese, with the if the USA attacks first they will back NK, if NK attacks first they will stand down. Stops the USA idiot attacking first and gives the NE idiot something to think about before launching missiles.




Strangely reassuring in a head-twisting kind of way

If Trump goes full-potato it’s apocalypse but that seems marginally less likely :+1:


From a man who knows him very well…



This is where I’m heading if the nukes fly