Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke



Things are getting a bit serious in the US










Thank you :rofl:






If/when trump gets booted,i expect there will be some severe civil unrest


If Trump gets booted, America gets Pence. Welcome to Gilead! :confused:


Really impressive work from Ben Jennings in The Guardian.


Possibly the most depressing photo I have seen for a long while…


That is very good




All this unrest and hostility just because they wanted to tear down a statue of a car used in a 1980’s light entertainment show.:cowboy_hat_face:


The artist formerly known as Trump.


If only … :frowning_face:.

I confess I was surprised at just how raw the issue of the civil war still was in the southern USA when I last spent some time down in that part of the country (mid-90’s). And if you really wanted to upset them then attacks on Robert E Lee would have been the way to do it.

In truth he does seem to have been a civilised man and an exceptional soldier - he graduated top of his class from West Point and rose through the US Army in a 32-year career before the civil war. At the outbreak of hostilities he was asked to serve in the top rank of the army command by both sides ! In the end he chose to go whichever way his home state of Virginia went, and Virginia decided to go with the Confederacy. His views on slavery and black people would be considered completely unacceptable today but they would have been thought relatively liberal and benign at the time. He foresaw the end of slavery long before the civil war began, for example.

After the war Lee was a strong advocate of reconciliation. He became much admired and appreciated in the north as well as the south. While some memorials are now being removed it’s notable that others, including a barracks at West Point itself and also the mansion in Arlington National Cemetery (Lee’s old house, now explicitly designated ‘The Robert E Lee Memorial’ under the country’s National Memorials program) are not. I’m afraid there was never going to be a universally accepted outcome over the statue in Charlottesville.