eBay stuff


I can confirm this is true. I am very proud of my cuntishness, it’s taken decades of hard work to get to where I am.:+1:t2:



Crikey, now they are rare. We used to import those. The ribbon is very good, but the bass is prodigious. They need a lot of space around them and an amp with lots of grip.


Never heard of this and very little info via google.

Might have been worth a punt but the cantilever looks off to me


It is a lovely sounding cartridge but it’ll be 30 years old and will have had an unknown amount of use. Cantilever does also look slightly out. If it were half the price it might be more realistic.


It looks like the one I had for several years, complete with drunk cantilever. :astonished:

Really nice sweet pretty sounding cart, absolutely no idea what happened to mine, but I still have the box :flushed:


Ouch, butcher buy?


That’s a pretty old SUT. Presumably someone with an Io bought it.



Nice price whoever caught it.


Not sure what early Kondo SUT’s generally go for, but at that price it seems very good value


Looking for an SUT for an IO gold, that would have been ideal. Probably going the Slagle route but if anyone looking in has anything let me know.


Lovely cartridge, Simon :+1:


Cheers Paul, I believe it’s Guy’s old copper bodied one. I also bought a Platine so the SUT is the last piece of the jigsaw.


Lovely turntable too! What arm are you using, Simon?


I have managed to accumulate a few, AN arm 3 (silver wired) and an FR64s also silver wired, keen to see what the FR sounds like…really interested in the Rigid Float arms but a bit too much for me at the moment.


Simon, I’ve sent you a pm


These might be entertaining with an Io.


You won’t regret it - I have an Io Gold/silver Slagle.


Not ebay but thought his might be of interest.

Palmer 1 Granite - possibly the first turntable prototype he made.

I was hopng it might be the same design as the one he eventually released just with a granite plinth.

Available (ex-dem) from Icon Audio for £1400 if anyone cares.



Nice preamp, little known this side of the pond - looks a bit pricey to me though, is that just this seller?