eBay stuff


Does it come with a mixing bowl and a button to reset the weight reading?


There was one on PFM for less, maybe the same one?


More stone based TTs


A thing of beauty


More like a rotating tealight display unit.


Do you have a working TT yet?


Define ‘working’ - they work… Once I can be bothered to set them up.


Very nice speakers if you have the room.




Audio Tekne carbon speakers. These look quite old.


He also seems to be selling one of the cartridges. Is it the Italian distributor?
I hope there’s some Audio Tekne at Munich this year. One of the highlights for me.


I have one of those carts from Audio Tekne, very nice too.


I think Pmac may also have one, we ran it at a Jim bakeoff a couple of years ago.


Indeed, he also has the step-up.


For those who want to die young.







Loads of fucked up shit.



Can’t understand why you would go so far,to then use a cheapo arm and platter.


Form over function. All the hipster vinyl crew will love these.