eBay stuff


I’d see a doctor if I were you - pity the NHS is currently even more fucked than usual.:joy:


The toned down version is not much better. It comes in realfleshtone OlanYellow.


Et tu Chris…:rage: You are on the list…




Poor man’s JBL Paragon?





What’s an “environmental equalizer”…

Does it grow a cherry tree to replace the one this is made from…:grinning:


Sounds like it’s something I might need for our Munich hotel bedroom this week Jim :joy:


It’s going to be warm apparently Ritchie, so hopefully there will be a window we can keep open…:mask:


Good idea, I shall be fighting fire with fire.


Pork n beanz…


and beer…


Naked flames are probably a bad idea in the face of such a potentially explosive fug…


Please view this when in Munich, particularly in the Silbatone room. 2-3 mins of focus in the center of the image should be enough for Mr. MWS to take over your faculties for a wee while.


Not there @Jim - you need to save them for the exhibition rooms. Let one off once you’re in a room and lo, it clears and the sweet spot shall be yours (albeit perhaps less sweet than it could be)


I like the word “miasma” to describe such occurances


This would be my choice too. However, I suspect that any attempt to say ‘What a fucking miasma’ would come out as ‘What a fug’ before the choking and gasping for air started😷


Quite like the look of this, not seen one before.


The audiophile grade Japanese ALPS volume potentiometer provides minimal noises and channels crosstalk and has excellent operational feel and limits errors between the two channels.

Erm cheers. I surely some extra 's’s in that blurb which doesn’t help much other than provide a cheap snigger…


I heard the earlier version at their shop when it was in Uckfield. Seemed a decent amp for not a lot of cash