eBay stuff


For your cables


Ooh! Sticks and rubber bands. What’s not to like


You get a free camera with these!


Alas, it’s only a free camera bag. Something to store the isolation feet in perhaps?


Not dissimilar from Missing Link feet @ £35 each…


I’ve got some of these somewhere. They are adjustable which is ok with uneven weight and ok with suspended floors. There is better and worse out there


I have two sets of these, probably the best equipment feet I own.


“The hierarchy of equipment feet”. Available from Amazon in hardback and Kindle.


Yes let’s over engineer something, add some swishy machining and polishing and then use girls hair bands doubled up to make it look like it does something :joy:


It’s a good job there so many heroes to save us from the dangers about. What would we do without you :unamused:


Waste your money on more nonsense :grinning:


I have today lent some interconnects of various descriptions to a work colleague as he was about to ‘invest’ in some pricey stuff. I await his findings with (not much) interest :relaxed:



For the older nerd who likes valves.


Have you ever thought that a Garrard would look a bit better if it just had a mini lighthouse with aesthetics straight out of Mar a Lago? If so, your wait is over.


And just for extra @ICHM approval, you can have it with a blue LED.


Wot, no onyx?


Some Korean bling, heard a pair of these with the top pre at the time and thought meh. Very meh in fact.





Fantastic speakers if you have the room and the amps to drive them. Good price at around £5K.