eBay stuff


Probably a bit over priced, but if you want WAF, these work well close to a wall and look lovely.






Useful things these



Look like these may be cheap-ish. Bass drivers need checking! For those near Brighton.


You’re not wrong, they are the same width as the height of a missing spike :slight_smile:


Ugly speakers


Some cheap CD players, the Realistic is a Marantz 104 type in disguise.


I have one of these, endless fun.

You can get the belts from Germany on ebay


Could be a cheap Nakamichi system in Sarf London


However buys this is in for a shock. I have all the spares, but I am one of the very, very few people. The other two I know won’t sell the bits needed and neither will I as I need the spares for my players.

It sold once for a joke price of £600 and obviously the ‘buyer’ found out that there is zero spares availability.





The seller seems to have a whole load of stuff brand new old stock in his warehouse. Looks like a distributor went bump.




That’s a really great sounding CD player, from memory. It made a real impression


It is, that is why I have two Micromega Duo’s and a MicroDrive and MicroDAC, along with a Logic.


I still get tempted by the ‘Stage’ players even with the reliability issues. I really wanted one back in the day.


Genuine lasers are getting scarce, but otherwise they are pretty straightforward to maintain - don’t let the rep put you off!


I think the ones that would fail have failed and the ones that are left are probably OK. Never owned one.


Laser turntable