eBay stuff


Really like the way these are made.


No idea if these are any good, but they are ‘different’.


Some others you don’t see around very often…


Really fantastic speakers the Allison’s at a cheap price, these won’t last long.

I was seriously tempted, but I am in selling mode.


Was thinking of buying Allison 2’s years ago. These model 1’s will definitely sell.


£225 for stands!!



The stands are in a seperate listing at £225!!


Sorry got excited - Still very expensive





I don’t know what search criteria you use Bob. but it doesn’t half turn up some shite :wink:


It is a silent sub-woofer apparently, designed to allow you to “feel the bass without excessive volume”



Of course they’ll need Shakti stones, Stillpoint supports & some fancy mains cables to deliver their best performance…natch!! :nerd:


been around for years and years…AV folk and gamers tend to use them. I was helping a mate with an install a few months ago - surprisingly effective if you get the crossover point spot on.



Worth a punt for anyone near Blyth?


I would love a punt on these if I wasn’t so far away :worried:



Anyone need some cheap speakers?



Heart audio alert


I missed that.