eBay stuff



For all you nerds.








Is that for somewhere to put spare Shakti stones?



Why have you got your small and medium sized love beads on the top shelf in the photo Bob? And what has happended to the large love bead?



The large love bead is now displaying in the Tate Modern next to the Nagra pyramid amp thing.


For those that appreciate such things.



You are obsessed with my Shakti stones, you know you want to run your fingers over them to feel the texture.


Pile of old junk. You are a better man than me if you see any value there.


Nope, you nailed it with ‘pile of old junk’


Sixth picture, centre left, is that a Japanese Io?


Next to the Koetsu Coral you mean?



Bit cheeky saying it’s a TT2 although £1750 for TT1 with an Arm2 is top end of what it would be worth so probably a typo.


The tt looks a bit of a dog to me


It has been royally fucked with.

I think it started life as TT1 but looking again I can see two motors through the platter so someone has added one along with the heed psu.

I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole at half the price.


Horn porn.:laughing: