eBay stuff


Coming from a yellow man, meh. You could at least get some orange tan on like your fellow scousers.


Oh and I am not a Scouser. I started out as Irish and became Australian.


Still a cunt


Obviously! :kissing_heart:


The description is written in pure Chumpy.



I’d let folk believe I was a Scouser…:laughing:


I say, ding dong!


Gonna put my 12" in a groovy pouch, oh yes.


Joke price, the guy puts things on at mad prices and you basically chat to him about sane prices. One for Mr. No TT Coco.


:heart_eyes: I’d love a p3


Very warp dependent can be record label / composition dependent the same with the de-warping machines really very hit & miss


Yes, you do, don’t you. But some of us know the truth… :wink:


More than twice what it should be, but I for one would love to have a P3


He is from Birmingham?


For the gentleman



Very cheap Celestion’s, SL6S, £300 worth for £100.


Always wanted to hear those with the bass unit


The bass unit is pretty rare I think.



You mean the SL6000 sub. I had a pair of SL700 and although holographic in imaging, they just killed any life in the music, even with a Krell KSA200b (350w per channel) up them.