eBay stuff


“outperforms anything on the market by miles”



Lol! “Made like a Swiss watch…” :rofl: a Swiss watch with a few , fairly lumpy, components (I counted 6 visible ones, but there might be a couple hidden away, like the 8 ebony bullets…)

Anyone with a lathe and a cnc router could knock this shit up in a couple of hours @stu @edd9000


9 carat gold? Do you have to pay more to make it not look like an Elizabeth Duke bangle?


Probably a bit more than a couple of hours, but a lot less hours than £4500 buys, but whatever, nice work if you can get it.

Reminds me, must get some lignum vitae.


Someone must buy this stuff, fucking mental!


There is a market for a look-a-like at £400 mate.


Bowls balls, I picked up a couple of sets on eBay



I use 24mm versions of these for Rega arm shims for VTA adjustment, cheaper than the crap you get for VTA adjustment at dealers.


Not seen one of these for a while.


Audio Exotics in HK struggle to get enough of these, they love them out there!


I remember when the Chinese used to sell iffy stuff to us. Still, we’re going to need their custom once we’re out of the EU.

Shame the company seems only to have lasted 20 months between being set up and compulsorily struck off https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08909274/filing-history. Maybe that’s what a mention in the Fail does for you
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-2121827/Dalby-D7-preamplifier-Not-just-gold-discs.html ? (Actually the Fail review dates from before the company was set up, so I’m not sure what their trading status was back then.)



I like hats


That’s a shame, some good looking product at the extreme end of our sport, said to sound pretty good, no experience of the components myself. All for individuals going all out assault and pushing whatever their perceived boundaries. They built a phono stage with plug ins for pretty well all known RIAA curves.

This the Pre - very pretty

I had some of their very expensive footers in my system for couple of weeks. Did change the sound of the system… (-: Initially thought noticeable lift in resolution but a few days in also noticed some tracks sounded wrong, bass was gone, like literally, where there should have been a throbbing bass line on a Fink track it wasn’t there. Popped the feet out and the bass returned. Go figure.


Don’t stand on them then.


i didnt


I’m sure, but with my current tooling I wouldn’t be able to make anything with the level of finish I’d want for £400. Maybe when I get round to buying a nice bench buffer.

Fantastic thanks, looks like a great source of heavy wood to play with.


Just beware it’s really nasty dust, irritated my eyes and nose. I got an air fed face mask .


Cocobolo did that to me, made my hands itch. I usually use a mask though, asthmatic etc.


You shouldn’t go anywhere near cocosbolos…:face_vomiting:


I thought that’s how you got LCR phono stages, at least that’s what he told me.