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Strangely he’s been a director of 16,558 companies and is currently the director of over 700.

Seems that most of his directorships and companies were struck off for non compliance and an estate agents he was director and sole shareholder of did a runner

Seems to be a bit of a crook.


Who was Lee Dalby then?


Lee Dalby looks legitimate and is still trading under “Lee Dalby trading as Dalby audio design”

I’m wondering if that other guy just took the name in some sort of cloning effort.


Lee Dalby could trade as Dalby Audio Design without being a company of course (although dissolved-man might have sued him if he hadn’t registered the trade mark).



wonder if that is what he has been doing, looking for people trading under names and then registering the same company name and fleecing them for the rights, could explain the 16,000 companies.


I bought some cables from Lee a couple of years back. He sent me a brochure of his kit, looks very expensive, never heard any of it.


I think Lee Dalby is based up in Yorkshire & was doing a lot of graphic/web design. I think he did the MAX website for John Roberts at one time.

I’m not sure what his technical background is & whether he’s behind the valve amp designs or works with someone else on those. I suspect the latter.


After asking a question about a turntable I received the following message at auction end:
The Nakamichi Dragon CT Turntable with TA-100 Tonearm is still available for sale (item# 272748682133 ).
The winning bidder asked us to wait for the payment until the third week of August. We can’t wait that long so I told him that we would have to sell to somebody else.
On a direct purchase from our shop we could sell for EUR €2.470 . The delivery and insurance to your address are included in this total price.
If you agree with the price and you are ready to buy then please forward your full name and address and a phone number where you could be reached at to contact@zorilla-tienda.es .
I would reply with all details: pictures + invoice + payment details.
Hope to do business!
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Nothing suspicious at all.:clown_face:


Lol, next mail will ask for western union transfer :grinning:


Aye! should probably be in the CP thread, the cunts.


Spoke with Lee last week and he’s very much in business.



These were at one of the HiFi shows a few years ago - presumably this exact pair, as they are serial numbers 1 and 2. An interesting exercise in reproduction of history, if not high fidelity…


Arn’t the original’s plaster moundings inside not wood? Seems rather a lot with no units and some horrible light inside.


And the sound, uh, leaves a lot to be desired


Only heard a pair once with some very expensive Japanese valve amps and a SME 30 and it was shite, really poor especially given the cost. They had Lowther units in I think and were the originals. Bass was an ambition.


I have the feeling we heard the same pair. Unless someone else has the same system?


Shindo amps?


Not when I heard them but I know the owner had them previously. AN UK 211 when I heard them