eBay stuff


will it demagnetize my speakers?


Give it a go


These look interesting


Jeez, for fucks sake put the TV in centrally between the fridge freezers :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


symmetry OCD?


I think they are more like the monolith from 2001. Wonder if they are any good though. They should be at the price.


RCA MI-4850 Type 70-A Turntable:


RCA MI-4871 Type 70-C Turntable:



These have been on the bay before, I’m sure, a year or two back.
Not a million miles away from what I use - Ureis with similar Altecs on top and JBL2226s on the bottom. Sometimes been known to use Decca ribbons on top, but generally it buggers up the imaging.
These could sound very good - but for price…hmm.


Ummm, there maybe something wrong here…


Diificult to spot, but I think some of the veneer has faded in the top left corner.



I like that they are also further mis-described in the ad as Richmond two way bookshelf models…Waddafuck.


Potentially very cheap starter TT

It’s a Rega 2 really.


Could have been interesting until I read “extensively upgraded by myself”

Is this that guy on the wam who upgrades things until they either stop working or electrocute him?




Nice speakers for not much. These are great with valves. You don’t often find them as nice condition as these.


From when MA made decent speakers.


Lusted after one of these for years. Seller claims to have three available - look like new old stock.


Shame they are not great then. £2.5K, he’s having a fucking laugh. You can get some serious amps for that.

An old friend of mine had one with some massive Pioneer speakers (4 way) and it sounded fucking rubbish. A pair of Mission 700 (original ones) and a NAD 3020a sounded better.


I’ve seen them listed at closer to £3,000 so I don’t think the price is unrealistic given the condition - be interesting to see if he gets any bids.
He’s changed the advert to say he has two available - maybe he sold one already?


Yep good combo that for no money!