eBay stuff


I recall hearing the one Biscuit had while at a Wam bake-off. (Phil’s?) I thought it was a nice sounding amp but perhaps not £2.5K’s worth of nice. Maybe half that.



Lovely looking thing but not worth £10K…


Not remotely. Heard one forever ago, average at best


Really like this one:




If I sold my car,stereo and records,I still wouldn’t have enough to buy that


do you think it’ll work with my spare TT, a Pro-ject Debut?


Dunno, buy it and report back :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s got eight chambers :flushed:


That does look lovely


Why is the box so big?


It’s a fine looking thing in the flesh too. I’d like to have tried importing them at one point & nagged the Air Tight people about it at Munich. Unfortunately they already had a distributor in the UK but he wasn’t showing any interest in it then. Not even sure if he is even now. It shows up as a discontinued item on the distributor’s website.


Looks a bit like the vintage Micro Seiki decks. Very nice.


This looks nice, anyone heard one?


I have been considering buying a Brinkmann Balance t/t Guy how do you rate it?


I think it was made for them by Jelco. I’d prefer an FR64 fx or 64S.


It’s a Jelco 250 in disguise with a Koetsu badge. Avoid.


I’d like this but can’t right now:


Yep, ''tis nice that :+1:


Very nice. Would like to try one of them.

Anyone know anything about these? Looks nicely made for the money