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I’d just saw this earlier:


Remember import duties of 25%


I’m not buying right now, just looking :slight_smile:



Real shame some idiot has put the wrong tweeter in one. Lovely speakers these for small rooms.


You can buy new production tweeters these days. Falcon Acoustics sell them.




The grills are very rare to find.



That’s a great starting price. If only I had a bigger room :frowning_face:


He’s been trying to flog those for ages and before him another dealer. A very small market for these sorts of speakers.


Unfortunately Gershman are not that well known in the UK. I only bought mine because a pair came up for sale locally and I just fancied hearing them. I loved them immediately. I have only heard the Black Swans when ob1 took a pair to Scalford some years back.


I think they started out at £12K-ish, somebody has taken a hit, I guess it’s the dealer before.


Yep, OB1’s were the ones I heard. I wasn’t impressed to be honest, too agressive, but then OB1 likes agressive, could have been the music or the other gear of course.


OB1 wasn’t using Karan amps though.:wink:


Buy the house to suit the hifi …


Yeah I thought the same.


Aggressive is not strong enough for OB1 :grinning:
I know they had to work on the foundations at Scalford after he’d been through.
For some reason I’m thinking he might have been using MSB amps, but it was a long time ago.


I remember him forgetting one year that he’d signed up to show a system and discovering, with 48 hours to go, that he’d have to get his enormous speakers into the back of his car and then out again and up a flight of stairs at Scalford. He was up for it though, and help with the lifting was organised at the show. The sound was memorable. Especially if you were one of his neighbours (I wasn’t).




How to transfer photos…


A thing of beauty.