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Happy days … my intro to hifi: a Revolver, NAD 3020a and Heybrook HB1s :smiley:


AUDIONOTE TT2 TURNTABLE with audionote tonearm 2 series 2, silver wired

Bargain! :thinking:


Linky please!


POS Avoid, it’s been highlighted before by biglobowski as a TT1 that has been fucked up.


I am trying (very). How the fuck do you do it, hot link doesn’t work :rage:


Thanks Bob.


This one looks real. Emporium are seriously dodgy


are they? I’ve had very good conversations with them - pricey maybe.


They’ve had many bans from eBay after customer complaints, usually about over stating quality.

After a name change they’re back.


I’ve spoken to them a few times as well, can’t remember names but the main bloke can be a bit of an arse but the other guy who I think runs the Kent office is very friendly and helpful.

Emporium buy in bulk and very rarely check what they are selling, to their credit they do refund or resolve issues quickly. I guess it’s a case of buyer being aware of how they work.

I bought a modwright LS100 from them and found that all the valves were worn out, noisy and microphonic despite it being advertised as nearly new.

I also bought a Well tempered Simplex and although it was in perfect condition they just wrapped the silicon cup (still full) in a plastic bag which subsequently leaked in transit.


it was the Kent office I spoke to on a few occasions, seemed quite helpful. Both items I wanted had sold before I could buy.

I wouldn’t describe them as dodgy though


oh and that eBay store looks like it has been in use by them since 2008? so not a recent change then?


I’ve been able to negotiate with them on price. Or to be accurate, I’ve negotiated with one of them who is very helpful and approachable. The other bloke struck me as unreasonable and quite rude. I can never remember which was which. I bought my speaker cables from them. One bloke was rude and unhelpful and basically told me to fuck off when I couldn’t work out what was going on with the advert. I rang the other bloke the next day who couldn’t have been nicer, clarified the issue with the advert and acknowledged it was less than clear. He then accepted my discounted offer straight away (I was pissed off as I always feel I should have offered less when an offer immediately accepted).


The dealings I’ve had with Emporium have been good. Nick is a bit eccentric but has always been helpful. With the amount of gear they sell I’m not surprised they have a few problems., customers can be a pain in the backside, especially on eBay.


You can change your trading name on ebay and still keep the records.

I have found them extremely variable and don’t buy from them. The prices are generally very optimistic.


OK. If they’re selling stuff without checking thoroughly I’ll withdraw dodgy and say incompetent instead.



Looks great, is very deep, sounds very average IMHO. I had one some years ago with an Anatek A50R, Sugden A21SE and this amp was not as good as either of them.

One of the most disappointing amps I have owned. Great knobs though.