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Don’t get many of these this side of the pond?



Cheap Rega R3’s, rather like these. Some damage.


Fairly rare.


Hamster cages


May be of some interest to somebody who likes these PoS arm.


Do you wonder about people’s choice of eBay handles?




Alternative turntable stand?


When the grandparents of my step daughter bought her her first car they didn’t check the numberplate. It is something like GU04VAG. She was (and still isn’t) amused




Anybody got any experience with the bigger power amps in the Plinius range? I’m kind of interested in the SA-250 as it is a Class A amp while the SB301 is a Class AB.

The real question is how these amps might compare to a Krell or Gryphon with similar specifications?


I think that I’d go for a Pass amp if I wanted a beefy class A


Old school Krell is where I would go. I was warned off Plinius as they have heavy usage of multi-layer boards packed in that can cause issues. Never owned one because of this.

A nice FPB300/600 or a KSA250 is where I would go, if you wanted my advice.

I have always found the PassLabs power amps a bit weedy, the pre-amps are nice though. I own a very nice Gryphon pre-amp, lovely thing really well made and sounds delicate and detailed, I would imagine the power amps are equally good.

The older school class A Jeff Rowland are also nice, before they went all class D on us.


This is a good point. I’m familiar with what Pass, Krell, Levinson and Gryphon do with big beefy amps. I was wondering what the Plinius might be like. It is a Kiwi lashup so as an Australian I am morally obliged to be doubful/scornful about it.


The Usher R1.5 might be a good option and likely to be quite a bit cheaper


What you need is a class A amp bake-off.


Yep, this is a good idea. Bake off being the right description if we have a load of AA sized blokes (shuddup Wayne) in a room full of class A amplification.

I am in no hurry. New ARTs arrive in September as hopefully will a new pre-amp. Power amps after that…


happy to host a Class A Staffordshire based meatup if there is interest? could use the class A amps to barbie the burgers

I have pass labs monos, krell KSA 100 and hopefully a CJ350 here now in rotation until I settle on one - would be cool to try against a few others - not sure how the floor would cope though, may need to be a one in one out policy


But how many watts do you really need to drive the Arts in your room?