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Probably about 6W as they are fairly efficient (I think the Diamonds must be about 92dB on the usual scale, the Alnicos are 90dB) but that is not the point. I might try a huge muscle amp because reasons.

The original plan was to get a Moon pwr and an AR Ref 5SE (or Ref 6 SE if I can find one) and create a version of the Scalford 2016 system comprised of the bits that Rudi and I brought. The Rank Monos I got from @horace are quite nice but it looks like it is time for a change…


U noes u wants it

Will also save a fortune in central heating.


In which case I wouldn’t necessarily be looking at muscle amps. There’s lots of really nice amps at 50w and below.

Do you have a preference tubes or SS?


Unfortunately that is the amplifier of choice for the muffin-munching, Astra-driving plutocrats amongst us. Alas, I can only dream of having that much wodge…


I have really nice amps already :roll_eyes:. Stop being sensible about this. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



A nice SJS 300b amp would work a dream with those ARTs :wink:


Buy the best Karan amp you can afford.


Obvious troll is obvious…



I’m 100% serious. I’d never troll about hi-fi as that is more important than life and death.:grimacing:


@coco SIT?


Borrow some amps, see which ones float your boat.


If it’s heating capability you’re looking for look no farther than NVA :thumbsup:


Short of actually igniting, my Alephs run pretty damned hot!



You can run them a lot hotter. Pass is know to run his at 70 odd degrees.

He has a handy temperature guide though


Do you feel lucky punk?

Been up before, know nothing about them, probably no spares…



Anyone wants these, but can’t get to Widnes, I am willing to pick them up and hold on to them for you, until you can arrange a courier or taxi.


JVC = Victor Company of Japan.