eBay stuff


Not at all.

Asking for advice is the next step on from just buying What Hi-Fi 5Star products. The need for validation is strong here.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I buy stuff that nobody else has heard of just for the hell of it.:clown_face:


Fixt for the next week or so :roll_eyes:


I’ve ‘had a word with myself’ as they say, you have a point, was all getting a bit desperate.


Translation: constant trial and error :grinning:


Like Kef? Or Linn? Or Naim? …


What system do you have at the moment again?

If only we had competent moderation, they could spin this off into your own thread and we’d be able to keep up. Ah well :joy:


Problem solved😂


How about:



Mainly error.


Current System:

Quad 909/99 system (outgoing)
Dynaudio Contour 1.3se
Rega RP6


Sugden A21SE :wink:


Personally I’d keep the Quad for now, it might not be the most exciting kit but it’s fairly even and works with anything. Take some time to try speakers out, when you get what you like, then you can find the right amp for them.


The 909 seems to not want to leave, sounds great with the Optimus/linaeum. Have the option of some Proac D18 which opens up opportunity for lovely amps such as the Suggy​:wink::+1:


No amp is going to make Proac sound anything remotely interesting, not even Lebowski’s.


You mean Prozac


Yes I did.


this will make you laugh, please someone tell me they have faffed with speakers whilst the rest of the house is in bed at 10pm on a school night?!



Nope don’t know why, but I want it…


Perhaps to keep it out of the hands of irresponsible people ?



Have you got bungs in the Dynaudio ports - they won’t like (or at least be anywhere near their best) being that close to the rear wall.