eBay stuff


Yes, that must be it. I wouldn’t do anything naughty with it anyway.



have some makeshift paper straws in place, need to get some as the seller had misplaced. Because i can only play at low-moderate levels the bass isn’t really a problem, if anything it helps. Have to say, I really like them, so going to hang on to them whilst I keep my eyes open for a more sensitive speaker


I have a set of foam ones lying around I can send you - not sure if they are big enough?


Mickey Mouse has lost his ears


will check in the morning, very kind!



Tempted, but no. Definitely no.



What you telling him to go on for? You’re the one looking for an old obsolete TT! :thinking:


Ending soon - no bids

Plinth for it


Assume that Sony would need a step down unit?


I would think it’s a 100v unit.



You b’stard.


Made an offer.


Offer accepted. I am now the proud owner of another TT, not had many Sony’s and been looking for one of these for a year or two. Lots in the US, but not many here.


Very cool :slight_smile:


Now all I need is a plinth and to choose which bloody arm, period or newer? Hmmm

Thnking Grace 960 12" arm I have, with a Audio Technica Art1.


NOS :joy:


Yep, but it looks OK.

Like this plinth

The seller originally had it up for £1K, which was a joke, but at a lot less than the asking, not a bad buy.