eBay stuff


Possible emoji fail.

I was trying to say the fact that it is NOS would bring tears of joy to my eyes if I’d just bought it.


Can’t understand why you’d want a very shiny plinth with contrasting metal inserts Bob :thinking:

Oh wait…:rofl:


I am going to buy another one and stick it underneath running in the opposite direction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



That was posted yesterday in this very thread by some mardy yellow git @stu.


To be fair, I would bin the metal inserts and have purple strip lights that pulse to the sound of the music.


Not sure about the intro music on that clip,sounds like a mix of a dodgy 70s comedy mashed up with a porno film.

Just needs A touch of cloth to arrive a the front door with a mullet,stick on tache,and his bucket.


You’re taking inspiration from my back yard then?

The previous owners were rather, err, flamboyant. Although to be fair the lights are blue rather than purple.


I take it you have photographic evidence to submit of this luminous flamboyance :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ?


I haven’t turned them on in years (the lights, not the previous owners) but shall endeavour to obtain some pics-or-it-didn’t-happen when it’s both dark and dry.


Any better?





Nice pair

Look at this on eBay:

Sugden Masterclass AA - Pre & Power Amplifier - Exceptional Condition


Talk to Yoda about Sugden, he’s owned most of them.


not sure whether the dog is included



He is selling a very tidy looking KRELL KSA 200 too. Would make for a very interesting setup.


Yep, it’s an early KSA200, it doesn’t have the balanced inputs (KSA200b). Very nice amp, I had one, but the KSA250 is quite a bit better. I was interested in the Apogees and then had a bout of sensibleness.

The KSA200 is a lot better than the early KSA100.

KSA200 is good for 340W per channel in 8 and doubling down to 0.2 Ohms, so will drive anything easily. In fact the more difficult and bigger the speakers the better they sound. True class A, not some of these psudo class A crap you see about with a heatsink the size of a wasp.


I know. I might have been tempted it it had the balanced inputs as it is not nutty money ATM. Then again, I really don’t need it…:roll_eyes: