eBay stuff


No fans and will only go up in value…


The Apogees could be a bloody bargain if you have the room (and amps).


Yep, I like Apogees. With the right amp, they can produce huge scale, great imaging and are tonally accurate too.

Be interesting to see how much they go for…


The winner will need a true 200w+ amp and be load tolerant. That rules out class d shite


Never heard Wilson Audio speakers but am tempted to give these a try.

Do they need a big room?


Yes, preferably one in that is not in your house. I was unimpressed by the WPs I heard, and horrified when the owner told me how much they cost.




They’re off the list then.


Yes a big room, but are famously fussy about positioning. To be honest even in a big room there’s nowhere I could put them where I would think they sound any good.


Very much this


You’d be better off with these -

Were those yours @hifinutt ?


For fans of Impulse speakers -



Winning bid:US $8,999.55

Not surprised. In fact I did think it might have fetched a little more.


yes cd , those were my beautiful speakers . they had to go to pay for a fence !!! :disappointed_relieved:


He didn’t keep them long did he?!


yes , apparently did not suit the room and he loves LV but wanted to try the rienzi .


Not the smartest or most decisive!


one day perhaps i will get another pair of verity , i do love their flexibility and they really suited the room . piano was lovely . so currently slumming it with some proacs !!! which are not bad at all but they don`t do piano like the rienzi


I sometimes wish I had ears like some of you, but then again, it’s saved me a fortune


I think my ears must be made out of Play-Doh too !

Decent hi-fi is wasted on me, so I stick with adequate kit and buy lots of music.